Dont forget this meeting is to be Informal, probably Tracksuit bottoms and Runners, are they meeting in Clifden?

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I Frank Clarke wearing a suit and tie: Chief Justice Frank Clarke (left) with former attorney general Seamus Woulfe (Brian Lawless/PA)© Brian Lawless Chief Justice Frank Clarke (left) with former attorney general Seamus Woulfe (Brian Lawless/PA)

Meeting between Judge Seamus Woulfe and Chief Justice Frank Clarke over ‘Golfgate’ delayed until next week on medical grounds….

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A MEETING between Supreme Court judge Seamus Woulfe and the Chief Justice over ‘Golfgate’ has been postponed again on medical grounds.

Mr Justice Woulfe was due to meet Mr Justice Frank Clarke on Monday to discuss the “informal resolution” of the matter, after a report found it would be disproportionate for him to have to resign.

However, the meeting had to be postponed with Mr Woulfe citing ‘personal reasons’, and was expected to take place on Friday.

Now that meeting has been postponed until Tuesday next week. A statement said: “The Chief Justice has received a request for a further postponement on medical grounds, and has agreed to fix the meeting for Tuesday of next week.

“The Chief Justice has emphasised to Mr Justice Woulfe the urgency of bringing this process forward.”

No further details were given in the statement.

Although a report by former Chief Justice Susan Denham found Mr Justice Woulfe had broken no law in attending the Oireachtas Golf Society dinner in August, she found he did not consider the issue of propriety, or the potential appearance of impropriety, for a Supreme Court judge to attend a celebratory dinner during a pandemic.

Ms Justice Denham found he had failed to reflect upon whether his attendance might cause controversy, and bring the court into disrepute.

She recommended the matter be dealt with by the Chief Justice by way of “informal resolution”.

Fred wants to make a very serious point that is overlooked: Mr Woulfe made reference to our journalists and his perceived view that they were over zealous in targeting the Golfgate brigade. I suggest he considers this matter further and takes account of the Separation of Powers and that the media is the 4th pillar. They have a very important function and no reference to Ku Klux Klan is appropriate especially from a man who is about to become a Supreme Court Judge.

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