Gerry the Monk, maybe in Hiding, but the Kinahans are also, and the Monk has become a major thorn in the “Dapper'”s head. Dapper it is Alleged has a 1 million euro/stg/$! Bounty on the Monk. Priority to be captured Alive.

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Kinahans offer €1m bounty for Gerry Hutch – but only if they can get him alive

Gerry ‘The Monk’ Hutch faces a deadly threat from the gang led by Daniel Kinahan

Gerry ‘The Monk’ Hutch faces a deadly threat from the gang led by Daniel Kinahan

Gerry ‘The Monk’ Hutch took secret Poland trip to gun range days before Regency terror

The Kinahan crime cartel is offering a €1m bounty for the capture of Gerry ‘The Monk’ Hutch – but they want him alive.

Associates of murdered drug dealer David Byrne only want the veteran gangster kidnapped so that they can torture him to death, according to a source.

The contract was offered to a number of international drug gangs. They have also offered a €100,000 reward for his murder.

Daniel Kinahan and another Crumlin-based drug dealer have told associates that they are determined to extract cold-blooded revenge on Hutch, who they blame for David Byrne’s killing in the Regency Hotel attack on February 5 last year.

Daniel Kinahan

Daniel Kinahan

It was a retaliatory strike for the murder of his nephew Gary Hutch in Spain in September 2015, and a botched hit on Gerry Hutch himself in Lanzarote three months later.

“They have told the outfits concerned in the UK, Spain and Holland that they will pay a million if Gerard Hutch is taken alive,” a source said.

“They want him held at a safe location until they get there and then torture him – they want to give him a slow and painful death in revenge for what happened to Byrne.

“There are guys out everywhere trying to locate Gerard [Hutch] and lure him into a trap so that is why he is being so vigilant and watching every move. He can trust very few people.

“He has lost so many friends and family now that he has no fear of death and he will go out by bringing some of them down with him.”

The unevenly matched feud has claimed 11 lives, with all but one of the victims murdered by the Kinahan side, including two totally innocent men.

David Byrne

David Byrne

Hutch’s brother, two nephews and two of his closest friends were among the dead. The gardaí also say they have thwarted several more potential hits on members of Hutch’s family.

The former armed robber fled Ireland shortly after the murder of his second nephew, Gareth Hutch, who was gunned down in Dublin on May 24 last year. He has been moving between a number of locations in Europe and the UK ever since.

Hutch is also on the run from gardaí who believe they have enough evidence to charge him in connection with the Regency attack.

Investigators believe the Monk planned the ‘spectacular’ which involved a five-man hit team, armed with AK47s and dressed as gardaí.

The intention was to wipe out the core leadership of the Kinahan mob including its boss Daniel, who had organised a weigh-in for a WBO European Lightweight title fight due to take place the following day.

While investigators do not believe Hutch was one of the shooters, they have evidence that he was in the area when the incident took place.

Gareth Hutch

Gareth Hutch

The Irish Independent understands that detectives also obtained several hours of bugged conversations between Hutch and an associate in which they discussed aspects of the Regency Hotel attack.

Using anti-gang legislation, officers concealed eavesdropping devices in a Jeep belonging to Hutch’s associate.

Meanwhile, a source close to the feud has claimed that the initial murder of Gary Hutch was ordered because he was “mouthing off” about how the Kinahan cartel had double-crossed and ripped off several of business partners.

In particular the source claimed that Kinahan double-crossed a notorious Dutch drug trafficker, Robert Mink Kok (55), who had been a long-time associate of his Christy Kinahan.

Mink Kok, who has a string of convictions for gun-running and international cocaine trafficking, first met Christy Kinahan in Holland in the early 1990s and became business associates.

The Dutch criminal is married to the sister of two Lebanese brothers who were involved in international arms dealing and drug trafficking – and who were also associated with the Kinahan cartel.

One of the Koleilat Dalbi brothers had been secretly supplying heavy military hardware, including helicopter gunships, to the one-time Liberian dictator Charles Taylor. The brothers were separately extradited to the US by the Drug Enforcement Agency three years ago.

According to the source, Daniel Kinahan and his associates in Marbella decided to move in on Mink Kok’s operation behind his back – killing his bagman in August 2013 in Marbella, and taking over his South American (drug) connections.

Gary knew all this information and he knew about lots of other killings and rip offs that they had done. Kinahan couldn’t take a chance with Gary spilling the beans to the people he had ripped off and that is the main reason why Daniel reneged on his deal with Gerard [the Monk].”

Gary Hutch

Gary Hutch

The source claimed that Gary Hutch had information that the Kinahan cartel had “stolen” 30kg of cocaine from another Dutch gang, which they then blamed on a different criminal group.

The row between Gary Hutch and Daniel Kinahan can also be traced to a dispute over the proceeds of a massive tiger kidnapping in Dublin in 2009.

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Hutch was a member of the gang which got away with €7.6m in cash from the Bank of Ireland in College Green in Dublin, after a bank employee was kidnapped along with his partner and her family.

According to the underworld source, Daniel Kinahan agreed to launder €2.5m of the loot for Gary Hutch who later moved to live in the Costa del Sol with the rest of the mob.

Kinahan had also agreed to launder a further €2m for another member of the Hutch gang, Darren O’Brien, from North Strand in Dublin 3.

According to the source when O’Brien changed his mind Daniel Kinahan “was fuming” and one of his associates tipped off gardaí.

On February 27, the day after the huge heist, detectives arrested O’Brien (27) and Mark Donoghue (42) from Legan in Co Longford after they seized €1.7m of the robbery proceeds.

The two accomplices subsequently pleaded guilty. O’Brien was sentenced to seven years for handling the proceeds of the robbery while Donoghue was given five years for money laundering.

None of the rest of the cash was recovered.

The relationship between Gary Hutch and Daniel Kinahan deteriorated even further after Hutch began putting pressure on Kinahan for his money which was supposedly invested in property.

The sources said that Hutch accused Daniel Kinahan of ripping him off.

In August 2014 a close associate of Gary Hutch was sent to shoot Daniel Kinahan – but instead shot and injured an innocent man.

A corrupt local police officer later tipped off Kinahan that the shooter had used a car belonging to Mink Kok, which Gary Hutch had access to.

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