A Prison Scandal that could have rocked the entire Department of Justice at the time but was covered up, so clean and so well planned, in the time and period of 1980-81 (if my sources are correct). I mean the year … the Scandal happened.

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It can easy happen; it happened then and I am sure it has happened after, just like the Gardai, prison screws can fall in love, blindly with gangsters sisters so easy. His name was Cosgrove and the gangster tart at the time was a Doran from the Cabra area of Dublin. What happened was simple? It is not known if he was bullied, coerced or bribed at that time to take a master key out from A wing and to try and make a copy of it. The sources tell me – it was stopped at the 11th hour and he recalls a very angry Assistant Chief Officer Davis banging his hands against the wall in frustration, a decent screw, a hard working screw and Fair. To this day nobody knows if the Gardai even interviewed Cosgrove; it is almost 40 years ago now so the elder statesmen who worked in Mountjoy will know exacting what I am referring to. McFadden was the Governor from Belmullet and Larry Rooney was his deputy. It was before the bluffer Lonergan’s time. He arrived around 1983 and believed himself to be the God of the prison service which was pumped up by RTE down the years. My sources have told me that they often wondered whatever happened to Cosgrove but they do know he never faced charges because at the time the scandal was too big and too hot to handle and many heads in senior positions would have been rolled over. I hope the master keys – as one of my sources said, are locked tightly away and when given out they must be signed for because at the time of Cosgrove the rules were so loose a chimpanzee could walk down A wing in uniform and nobody would even give a wink of an eye. I am sure the Viper Foley and other Elder Gangster Statesmen will know this story and have a good laugh even now 40 years on.

Now we face a new Threat in our Prisons -GANGLAND and it would be foolish for anyone not to think that the warders are not being approached with large bribes to take in drugs, mobiles and the rest. I have said it before and I will say it again, there are many secrets beyond prison walls which have yet to be exposed but time deals with this and eventually facts are revealed. At present I am also told the Morale among the Staff in our Prisons is so low, it is palpable and the Government need to clamp down on the influence that Gangland have in the jails at present. Sick leave is a major problem among staff and so is alcholism. This is where GANGLAND sees the weakness and therefore the opportunity to offer bribes and then maybe play the same tactics as in the 1980’s and source a copy of key and therein is their opportunity to escape.

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