Are we entering or are we in a Police State. Read below; Women being Harrassed and Bullied by Welfare Inspectors sniffing through their Knickers, Wardrobes and Personal belongings, looking for What, a Thrill, this is another State Scandal.

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Social welfare inspectors accused of harassment
          and bullying
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Mon, 26 Oct, 2020 – 06:30  

A fear of retribution has contributed to a low level of complaints against social welfare inspectors by claimants, according to experts in the sector.

Social welfare inspectors can visit  homes and workplaces to “ensure that compliance is in order”, according to the Government.

An investigation by the Irish Examiner this week found that many women who received a lone-parent payment have reported being “harassed”, “stalked”, and “bullied” by social welfare inspectors who turn up unannounced to their home. Many have reported inspectors going through their wardrobes and quizzing them on how they pay for items such as baby clothes and Sky television packages.

A number of the women the Irish Examiner spoke with said that inspectors told them they would lose social welfare payments if they entered relationships, and inspectors have been quoted on a number of occasions making comments like: “Do you expect us to pay for your lifestyle?” and other comments which women said made them feel “degraded” and “worthless”.

The number of complaints has remained steady from 2012, with just 18 lodged against inspectors. In 2014 the number was as low as eight, and continued to rise. In 2018, 19 complaints were lodged and 2019 saw a spike, with 31 — the highest number ever recorded.

Those in the sector say that complaints continue to be low due to fear of retribution and an adversarial approach from those who work in social welfare.

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