Another Hutch Gang member Busted, the numbers are Rising, but more to come………………

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Senior Hutch gang member linked to Regency Hotel bloodbath arrested by gardaí after €60,000 drugs bust

  9 hrs ago

Senior Hutch gang member linked to Regency Hotel bloodbath arrested by gardaí after €60,000 drugs bust a sign
                    on the side of a van: Stock photo: Niall Carson/PA© Provided by Stock photo: Niall Carson/PA

A senior member of the Hutch gang who the Kinahan cartel blame for active involvement in the Regency Hotel bloodbath has been arrested by gardaí in relation to a €60,000 drugs bust.

The 26-year-old north inner city mobster was arrested along with a Coolock criminal following a major surveillance operation by the gardaí’s Drugs and Organised Crime Bureau.

The seizure of cannabis happened in the Swords area at around 10am on Thursday when detectives pounced on an alleged drugs handover in which over three kilos of cannabis herb were seized.

The Hutch gangster and his Coolock associate were still being questioned at separate northside garda stations last night.

Senior sources say that the bust is not linked to an operation carried out by Dundalk gardaí a number of hours later in which a significant amount of cocaine was seized near the border and a female was arrested.

In a follow-up operation a number of known criminals from the Darndale area were arrested and are being questioned about a supply network from Dublin to criminals in Northern Ireland.

Meanwhile sources say the arrest in Swords of the Hutch mobster this morning is considered “highly significant.”

“It is not the biggest haul of weed in the world to be captured with but at the same time it could land him 10 years in jail,” a source said last night.

And this is a fella that is very used to jail – he is a violent and reckless criminal,” the source added.

He was blamed by the Kinahan cartel for being involved in the 2016 Regency Hotel bloodbath but he has never been arrested for this.

He was a very close associate of Derek Coakley Hutch (27) was shot dead outside Wheatfield Prison on the orders of the Kinahan cartel in January, 2018 – one of 18 murders linked to the deadly Hutch/Kinahan feud.

The arrested man is a key member of the gang whose figurehead is exiled crimelord Gerry ‘The Monk’ Hutch and since being released from a jail sentence for robbery he has got involved in separate feuds in the north inner city.

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