More latest News on Irelands Drug Seizures, and how massive amounts of Drugs are making their way into the country? These Gangland Figures have many people on their Payroll???

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Nearly €40,000 worth of drugs discovered in packages labelled as clothing items in Athlone

  6 hrs ago

Nearly €40,000 worth of drugs discovered in packages labelled as clothing items in Athlone

NEARLY 2KG OF illegal drugs with an estimated value of €38,500 were seized by Revenue in Athlone Mail Centre today. graphical user
                    interface: Drugs seized in Athlone today.© Revenue Drugs seized in Athlone today.

The 1.9kg of illegal drugs, which included cannabis, mitragynine and synthetic cannabinoids were found in packets declared as items like ‘men’s waterproof windbreaker’ and ‘women knit shirt’. 

The packets originated in Spain, the UK and the USA and were destined for delivery to addresses in Dublin, Mayo, Kildare and Cork. 

Also today, Revenue officers in Dublin Parcel Hub seized over 500 grams of cannabis and more than 125,600 cigarettes. 

The illegal drugs are estimated to be worth more than €10,000. They were discovered with the assistance of detector dog Sam in two parcels originating in the USA. a large brown dog
                    standing next to a body of water: Detector dog Sam.© Revenue Detector dog Sam.

The parcels were declared as ‘Halloween decorations’ and ‘cereal boxes’ and were due to be delivered to addresses in Dublin and Meath. 

The cigarettes were worth more than €87,900 representing a potential loss to the Exchequer of more than €70,000. 

These were labelled as ‘Lego’, ‘filters’ and ‘clothing’ and had come from Russia, the Ukraine and the United Arab Emirates. graphical user
                    interface: Cigarettes seized in Dublin today.© Cox Sarah Cigarettes seized in Dublin today.

The parcels were to be sent to addresses in Dublin, Laois and Limerick. 

Revenue has said investigations are ongoing into these seizures

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