We dont have the full Facts at present, but this Story is not going away, but it is possible that Mouthpiece Varadkar could face Criminal Charges if the Village Magazine Story stands up to the Pressure, Leo along with other Cronies are Alleged to be in Serious Shit here, let the Facts come out, and where is FF now??? Come on SF let it Rip?

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Village Magazine makes serious accusations against Leo Varadkar regarding corruption involving IMO Contracts

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Serious accusations regarding political interference in the awarding of contracts, and obviously Village feel they are on solid ground enough to run the story and stand up to scrutiny. Will the Government lose a Tanaiste? Will it lose a third Minister? Will Fine Gael lose a leader? Is Leo’s political career toast?

All this and more to be answered over the coming days and weeks….BEST! GOVERNMENT! EVER!!!   FG Taoiseach Micheál Martin was brought into the Flood tribunal because he received political donations from Owen O’Callaghan

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