One has to Ask, do Gardai have any Real, Factual, Data of the numbers of Ruthless Gangs operating across Ireland?

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Gardaí identify feared burglary gangs

  8 hrs ago

Gardaí identify feared burglary gangs

Gardaí across the country have identified a number of gangs who specialise in burglaries as they prepare for a feared increase in the crime in the run-up to Christmas.

This includes a prolific cross-border burglary team, a younger generation of the ‘Cock Wall’ gang and associates of the Mansfield gang.

The cross-border crime group, led by two brothers from Rathfarnham, are considered one of the most active burglary gangs in the country at the moment with associates scattered across Dublin, the midlands and the south-east.

One key associate of the gang is a brother-in-law of the two siblings who is originally from Tallaght but has been residing in Carlow in recent months.

The 28-year-old is also wanted by detectives attached to the National Bureau of Criminal Investigation (NBCI) in relation to passport fraud, and also by the PSNI for crimes in that jurisdiction.

Gardaí also fear a new generation of criminals linked to the notorious ‘Cock Wall’ gang have become active and are more volatile than ever.

The crime gang, which has been a key target of the Criminal Assets Bureau, has over 80 associates across the east coast.

The gang has been linked to break-ins nationwide, travelling in groups of four or five to blitz a rural town before using the country’s motorway network to flee.

Detectives have identified a new generation of thugs aged in their teens and early 20s who they now believe are the predominant burglary team for the ‘Cock Wall’ gang, and receive ‘shopping lists’ from their older associates.

Gardaí are also focusing on associates of the Mansfield gang, who go after high-end targets in teams of four and have recently focused on lucrative jewellry raids in particular. A key associate of the mob is Richard Mansfield (26) who has been jailed for break-ins both here and in the UK.

Other key members of the gang are a Kildare man who has been targeted by the Criminal Assets Bureau, and two convicted burglars aged in their 30s living in the Tallaght and Sandyford areas of Dublin.

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