This Clown of a Supt should have known better. One would have to ask, Why he turned up at a briefing, with the full knowledge he could be putting People at Risk from Covid-19. It baffles Logic.

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Garda suspended after going to Jo Jo briefing while awaiting Covid result

Jo Jo Dullard. Photo: Crimestoppers Trust/PA Wire

Jo Jo Dullard. Photo: Crimestoppers Trust/PA Wire  

November 09 2020 02:30 AM

A garda superintendent who attended a high-profile media briefing while awaiting the results of a Covid test has been suspended from duty.

The senior officer attended the press conference in relation to the Jo Jo Dullard investigation last month during which it was announced the case was being upgraded to a murder inquiry.

Later that day more than 20 people, including journalists and gardaí, were told that a person who was at the press conference had later been informed that he was Covid positive.

A chief superintendent from a different Garda region was assigned to carry out inquiries into the matter.

Last week, the Garda Síochána Ombudsman Commissioner (GSOC) received a complaint from a journalist who had been at the event and later contracted coronavirus.

The superintendent was also told last week he was being suspended pending the outcome of internal inquiries.

The inquiry centres around the senior officer allegedly breaching public health guidelines for attending the press conference while awaiting the results of a Covid test.

It is understood the superintendent had also travelled to an eastern European country before the media briefing here and it will be investigated if the officer self-isolated for the required period of time af ter returning to Ireland.

The country had previously been on the green travel list issued by the Government, which does not require people to self-isolate on their return, but had been removed in the weeks before the briefing.

Garda Headquarters said in a statement that an internal disciplinary investigation into the matter is ongoing, and they were not commenting on the rank or gender of the officer “in case it inadvertently identifies them”.

He has been removed from duty pending the outcome of this inquiry.

Last month gardaí announced that they were upgrading the Jo Jo Dullard case to murder, having been satisfied the missing woman is dead and that she died through violent means.

Her sister, Kathleen Bergin, again appealed for information in relation to the murder.

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