Dail Eireann is full of Rats, well no Surprises here? One Question remains, are they 2 legged, or Large, or maybe in Disguise?

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Rats take up residence in seat of power

  6 hrs ago

Rats take up residence in seat of power

Dead rats, high levels of pigeon fouling, a playground beehive, and a magpie who “didn’t make it” were among the pest control issues reported in Leinster House over the past year.

High levels of rat activity were recorded in parts of the complex, according to a series of reports by exterminators Rentokil from this year and last. In one area, the pest controllers suggested work in rooms in the Fisheries area of the Leinster House complex should be ceased entirely “until full control is achieved and area is completely sanitised”.

The reports also recommended that extra care be taken in how food was stored in cafes and other restaurant facilities. In one of the Leinster House cafes, Rentokil said contained units should be used for any foodstuff. Otherwise it would “only encourage unwanted pests in this area as a possible rodent sighting was noted on the floor below last week”.

The report also referenced a notorious incident where a rat was spotted in the Dáil bar in early 2019. It said: “This would be a similar situation to the Dáil bar when the rodent was hoarding bars of chocolate behind the kick board in the bar.”

In a switch room on the first floor, evidence of old rat droppings had been located under the floor void, according to one report.

Rentokil suggested Leinster House needed to look at a bird-deterrent device in a basement walkway because of the amount of pigeon activity.

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