With all the Security, how did this amount of Drugs and Moblie phones get into the Prison? Links to the Kinahan Cartel? Question, was this a Inside job, somebody paid big money to Organise??

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Tablets, cocaine, bottles of whiskey and mobile phones seized at Mountjoy Prison

Updated / Tuesday, 17 Nov 2020 11:36

Thousands of tablets were among the items seized
Thousands of tablets were among the items seized

The Prison Service has seized what it said is the largest haul of contraband smuggled into a prison at Mountjoy this morning.

It said 10,000 tablets, bags of cocaine, 30 mobile phones, bottles of whiskey, and steroids were seized.

A man has been arrested and is being questioned in Mountjoy. 

The tablets were wrapped with prisoners’ names on them.

SIM cards, an exercise band and other drugs were also seized.

The contraband was discovered following the search of a van making a regular food delivery to the prison.

The discovery is part of an intelligence led investigation by the Prison Service’s Operational Support Unit.

Gardaí have removed five evidence bags of contraband.

The prison authorities believe they have dismantled a major drugs and contraband distribution service within Mountjoy, which is suspected to be linked to Kinahan Organised Crime Group members in the prison.

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