Gall will be out in 6 Months, 3 years Suspended?

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Care worker stole from vulnerable residents to pay Sky bills

Laura Lynott  6 hrs ago

Care worker stole from vulnerable residents to pay Sky bills

A care assistant who “exploited the trust” of vulnerable residents at a HSE-run facility by stealing €23,144 from their bank accounts has been jailed for a year.

Edwin Gall (51), of Grangerath, Drogheda, Co Louth, was sentenced yesterday to four years in prison with the final three years suspended at Trim Circuit Court in Co Meath for 77 counts of theft at Barden Lodge, Julianstown, Co Meath.

The thefts had taken place between 2016 and 2017. Gall used the stolen money to pay for Netflix and Sky subscriptions and to buy clothes and shoes.

Speaking outside court, Gerard Smith (30), a son of one of the residents, said his family had “trusted” Gall, but he was “thankful he’s been held accountable”.

Mr Smith added that the other staff had been “good people” but the behaviour of Gall had deeply affected his family.

In court yesterday, Judge Martina Baxter sentenced Gall to four years for theft to run concurrently for each count, with the final three years suspended.

Several victim impacts were read to the court.

We were only after getting money from the Magdalenes, when she’d become a victim of Gall’s theft,wrote a female resident, who had spent most of her life in institutions.

The woman, who has since moved to another home, said the staff had “looked after us and I could see it in their eyes, they were upset.

“Then I found out it was him. I was very upset. I trusted him.”

In June, 2016, a staff member spotted €500 had been withdrawn from a resident’s account.

Gall claimed there had been an issue with the bank and €500 was lodged days later.

A male resident asked staff for his bank balance and when he heard the amount, he realised it was “much lower” than it should have been, the court heard.

Payments had been for Sky and Netflix subscriptions, which were not been for the resident.

This alerted staff and an audit took place.

Gall “admitted he’d been paying his Netflix and Sky bills”, the judge said.

Judge Baxter said Gall was a parent to a child with Down syndrome, yet given “the difficulties his son is facing” he “coldly took money from residents in his care and in him they placed their trust”.

She told how other residents were “finding it difficult to trust other caregivers”, as a result of Gall’s crime.

“They were unable to live lives independently.

He devised methods stealing from people who society deemed should be protected,” she said.

The HSE has repaid residents the money Gall stole.

Gall’s barrister noted his client had lodged €23,144 for the residents and so had the home.

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