In the middle of a Pandemic, we witness a “Riot in East Wall”; Gangs of youths on the Rampage. The Question is, Have Gardai lost Control of some Areas of Dublin? To put it another way, Law and Order seems to have broken down? People of East Wall deserve better?

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East Wall, Dublin footage shows vicious encounter as armed gang cruelly attacks man before continuing violent rampage

The videos show the young driver visibly hammered with weapons which left him seriously injured

A vicious and dangerous gang battered a man in East Wall, Dublin leaving him seriously injured before going on a criminal damage rampage in the area.

Residents were subjected to a frightening and shocking night of terror that kicked off just before 9pm last night, when a massive brawl broke outside a residential complex in the area.

Footage obtained by Dublin Live shows a car and its driver battered with weapons as the vehicle was wedged into a building in the Island’s Quay area.

The young driver, in his 30s, was hammered by the group leaving him seriously injured in hospital.

Along with his car, the thugs caused damage to at least four other parked cars in the area during their feared riot. 

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The area has been plagued over the last few months with anti-social behaviour and locals residents can be heard screaming in fear and shock at the disgusting scenes that took place.

It is understood that there was calls late last night for a special meeting of the Central Area Joint Policing which will take place today.

A source told Dublin Live: “There’s going to be a visual reaction in the next couple of hours to combat this.”

A Garda spokeswoman told Dublin Live: “Gardaí are investigating an incident of assault that occurred at a residential complex in East Wall, Dublin 3, yesterday evening, Tuesday 17th November at approximately 8.45pm.

A male, aged in his 30s, was reportedly assaulted by a number of persons. He received a number of serious but non-life threatening injuries during the incident and was taken to the Mater Misericordiae University Hospital.

Criminal damage was also caused to the man’s car and approximately four other cars which were parked in the area.

No further information is available and investigations are ongoing.

In recent months, there has been an ongoing garda operation to tackle the issues in the area but it was disbanded a few weeks ago as garda resources were re-assigned elsewhere.

Independent councillor Anthony Flynn called for an immediate response from Gardai and Dublin City Council to the ongoing anti-social behaviour in the area.

He said: “There’s been ongoing issues there in last couple of months. There was an ongoing gardai operation in the area due to a rise in incidents over the last few months. We need to be seeing police on the street – visible uniformed police in the area. That’s not happening.

Island Quay has been in a situation where people are living under intimidation and threat. There is lack of community policing, gardai are struggling due to resources and COVID-19. Three weeks after the garda operation ends, we’re back into situation where that level of anti social behaviour is unacceptable.

Gardai are being reassigned to checkpoints, to police COVID legislation and community policing is being effected. What happened tonight shouldn’t be happening in any area.”

While his council colleague councillor Christy Burke said that the hardworking, decent community of East Wall doesn’t deserve to have these incidents happening in the community.

He said: “Where that happened, I’m dealing with constituents on normal day to day issues. Decent people, hardworking, trying to comply to COVID rules, to keep their kids safe. This proves the fact that you must have feet on the ground of gardai. They can talk about investigating, nothing may happen. But if you have a deterrent, additional, community gardai, they are a deterrent.

99% of them are decent people, they deserve protection in their own homes and community. Elderly people are there home alone under restrictions. A lot of people are suffering with mental health, then add this frightening behaviour. It’s intimidating, it would scare the bejesus out of you.

They had a great Halloween, they have great things, the community centre, meals on wheels, a great football club, elders, seniors, Men’s shed, they do the Christmas tree every year there. All of these good things can be lost sight of because of one bad, unacceptable thing.

I hope nobody is injured. You feel for the decent people down there doing their best under very difficult times. Elderly people would be petrified. Whoever was engaged in that has got to think of their community. That mayhem is totally and utter disgraceful.”

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