Fred Bassett exclusive: People around the country have often asked me and especially over the last few months if there is a difference, between the MAFIA, GANGLAND and the Legal Profession. Omerta comes to mind. Shane the Bluffer Ross hit on this on a number of papers today.

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Down the years we have had the Arm’s Trial. Most of Haughey’s defence team, after his acquittal with Boland and Blaney, were handed seats on every court around Ireland. It was called Thank You with the good old Wink and Nod.

Almost 50 years on, what has changed? NOTHING. Kelly is giving out some good soundbites but he needs to look over his shoulder because there are many footsteps going in the opposite way. Micheal Martin at this stage has become now as relevant as a baboon on Mastermind. Micheal does not have the qualities to be a Leader – it is that simple and FF will be wiped in Dublin next time out.

In the last few months there is an eerie silence among people who love the cameras and love to hear their own voices. Let us name a few: Charlie Flanagan, Michael McDowell, Jim O’Callaghan, Willie O’Dea, Catherine Martin, Catherine Ardagh – they have all run for cover. They don’t have the bottle or balls for that matter to speak out against Woulfe and how he was appointed by the Wink and Nod by the Fine Gael regime.

What have all these cute idiots got in common – they are all members of the Legal Profession. It is a type of Omerta. As I have said in the above heading, if you did not have Gangland, Bank Robbers, not forgetting those bankers who robbed from the inside, the Legal Profession would be out of a job. I don’t know Dublin 4 that well or Dublin 2 or Foxrock for that matter, but I do know that these culchies who came up from the bogs of Ireland and made their money in very Dodgy ways now choose to live behind locked gates and they certainly have the Brown Thomas gold credit card – a far cry from the old corner shop where their ancestors would buy their groceries and thir names were often written into a book marked in red and they paid by instalments in those days of economic hardship.

If Gangland did not have Dublin 4 for their market in supplying cocaine, they would be out of business in a matter of weeks. If Gangland did not have the men in suits to launder their money through dodgy bankers they would also be out of business. So let’s tell it straight – It is a narrow line between sanity and insanity or so the doctors tell us. My experience tells me that it is a narrower line between the so-called Elite and Gangsters. As one person said, sometimes it is very hard to know the difference, they both sport the Rolex watch.

I will close by saying that Golfgate and Seamus Woulfe have shown the people of Ireland one vital lesson this country is rotten to the core with CORRUPTION and CRONYISM and the Golden Circle is Alive and Well and will be for another 50 years.


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