We also have a number of People here on Bail who could Flee anytime to Non EU Countries, and it is almost Impossible in having them returned for Trials here, because of No Extradition Agreements in place.

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Gardai fighting to bring back 41 criminals wanted in Ireland who fled abroad

Exclusive: Gardai confirmed a person has been arrested in each case and is currently going through the judicial system in a foreign jurisdiction   How does a trial work in ireland? Completed  

Ireland is currently fighting 41 extradition cases abroad to bring back fugitives to stand trial in this country, we can reveal.

All are wanted here but were on the run in a foreign country, new figures disclose.

Gardai confirmed a person has been arrested in each case and is currently going through the judicial system in a foreign jurisdiction.

It is understood they are not all Irish citizens.

Many were living here but fled the country after they were suspected of committing crimes, and returned to their native homes.

Garda Síochána Headquarters, Phoenix Park, Dublin (Image: Collins Photo Agency)

A substantial number are believed to be living in other EU countries so can easily be returned to Ireland to face the music.

The Irish authorities haven’t disclosed how serious the crimes are that these people are wanted for.

A Garda spokesman said: “There are 41 extradition cases where a person has been arrested in response to an Irish extradition warrant and that person is currently going through the judicial system in a foreign jurisdiction”.

The most recent high profile extradition was the deportation of Detective Garda Adrian Donohue’s killer Aaron Brady from the United States.

He was given a life sentence with an order to serve at least 40 years for the capital killing of the 41-year-old hero officer.

Aaron Brady pictured in custody in the US after his arrest in 2017
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Brady fled the country shortly after the brutal murder outside Dundalk on January 25, 2013,and was eventually tracked down by Homeland Security with the help of the Gardai.

Two men from the South Armagh area suspected of being part of Brady’s killer gang are currently hiding out in the US.

The US authorities have them under surveillance and hope to bring them back to stand trial in the new year.

It is understood a number of suspects on the overall extradition list live across the border in the north and in the UK.

A Garda source added: “People might think they can commit crimes in this country and do a runner, and get away with it.

“However the truth is they don’t, we will always chase them down to wherever they are hiding.

“The only time we have difficulty is if they are in a country we don’t have an extradition agreement with.

“Thankfully we have agreements in most places.”

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