This Covid-19 is far from over? People need to be Cautious this Christmas; sadly what I witness is total Boozing and Gatherings in South Dublin. If we have a third Lockdown, some Pubs and Shops are gone for ever. This Government should Stop the Soundbites and Lead the Country with total Clarity. Consistent Short Sharp Words that resound for all to adhere to.

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Gardai shut down ‘Break the Rules’ beach rave in Dublin

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November 24 2020 12:58 PM

Gardaí managed to close down a planned beach party in a north Dublin suburb yesterday evening – just minutes before it was about to start.

Up to 10 patrol car loads of Garda officers descended on Dollymount Beach when word got out a ‘Break the Rules’ rave was being planned there for 7pm.

A posting to followers of on social media told them beforehand: “Message us to find out date, time and location for the ‘Brake (sic) the rules party. B.Y.O.B. we are still searching for barbeque in the previous post. Let us know if someone has one or two.”

A location map was later sent to members, clearly showing the site of the planned party as being on Dollymount strand, next to the Bull Wall Walkway.

The party was planned on Dollymount strand, next to
              the Bull Wall Walkway.

The party was planned on Dollymount strand, next to the Bull Wall Walkway.

Date and time. 21.11 – 7pm. B.Y.O.B. We have two loudspeakers, lightshow, fire and maybe fireworks.”

Witnesses say that just a small number of people gathered on the beach, one of them brandishing a flashlight.

But within minutes a cortege of Garda cars descended on mass down through Dollymount and over the roadway to the strand.

Update – 10 squad cars showed be,” read an updated posting.

“Fella with the gear for it got sent on his way. About 10 people still hanging around. Cars floating up and down Bull Island like they’re looking for it.”

One observer noted: “The Guards were obviously tipped off about it. Fair play to them for stopping it before anything serious broke out.”

The successful garda operation occurred at around the same time as unruly scenes in Cork broke out.

Nine people were arrested as hundreds of people gathered to socialise and drink on Grand Parade and surrounding streets.

Last weekend there was criticism of widespread outdoor drinking on Dublin’s South William street, with critics claiming there was no social distancing.

Proposals to bring in fines for anyone caught booziing in such a way were dropped by politicians earlier this week.

In September a boisterous rave at Oliver Bond flats was condemned by local residents, who claimed outsiders descended on mass for the party.

Over 100 people were seen boozing and dancing while a DJ played music in a makeshift tent.

Taoiseach Michael Martin visited the flats complex a few hours later, where he met with community activists and promised more Garda resources.

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