Whatever meeting Micheal Martin had with his Political Cohorts, FG, it now states that Helen McEntee will Face Questions in the Dail tomorrow in relation to the Woulfe situation. Make no doubt about this, Helen will be put through her homework tonight by her advisors and Leo the Leak. I wonder will Martin be invited. Let’s face it – he is in coalition, I mean FF with the Blueshirts so is Micheal invited tonight or not? Tomorrow will be Ireland’s chance to witness the Truth and give people HOPE that in 9 months of COVID-19. If they cannot tomorrow in the Dail, tell the Truth, where are we with the fall-out of COVID-19 and our most vulnerable people, the homeless; sadly we are told that two more homeless people have died in the last 24 hours. Our nursing homes are a scandal out of all proportions and who will represent those who die? So tomorrow will be a Dawn or a Dark Dust. The People Voted for Change. Tomorrow will TELL. Fred

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