Former Garda fights back against the Vulture Funds and Former RUC Chief Drew Harris now Garda Commissioner, (thanks to FG and Charlie Flanagan). People must take a Stand against the Vultures, backed up by former British soldiers now acting Mercenaries.

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Ex-garda sues bank and State for alleged assault at disputed farmhouse eviction

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Ex-garda sues bank and State for alleged assault at disputed farmhouse eviction

A retired garda has initiated a personal injuries action against KBC Bank, the Garda Commissioner and security workers claiming he was assaulted during a controversial eviction.

Kevin Taylor (65) is seeking damages for physical and psychological injuries he says he sustained during the eviction in Co Roscommon two years ago.

Mr Taylor is a supporter of the evicted family and is currently being detained at Mountjoy Prison for contempt of court after defying orders to stay away from the property at Falsk, near Strokestown.

KBC finally secured the property in the past week, almost 24 months after an extraordinary series of events during which it gained possession of the farm only to lose it again following a vigilante attack on security guards.

The bank foreclosed on the property over an unpaid debt of €430,000 owed by its owner, Michael Anthony McGann.

A video of the eviction on December 11, 2018 posted online showed distressing scenes as the occupants were wrestled by security men.

Mr Taylor, of Ardnacassa Lawns, Longford was present during the eviction and would later tell a court he was the subject of a “serious, serious assault causing bodily harm”.

He is being represented in the personal injuries action by Dublin law firm Robinson Solicitors.

The defendants in the action, which was initiated on Monday, are listed as KBC, the Garda Commissioner, the State, security firm GS Agencies Ltd and two security workers.

While Mr Taylor has alleged in his lawsuit he was assaulted during the eviction, he is currently facing a charge of assaulting a security worker at the scene, a matter due to return to the District Court next March.

Five days after the eviction a large group of masked men descended on the property with baseball bats and attacked security guards, three of whom ended up being hospitalised.

Several vehicles were set on fire and a dog had to be put down after sustaining injuries.

There is no suggestion the McGanns were involved in any way in the incident, but members of the family subsequently returned to the property.

Last year KBC obtained orders against Mr McGann and his siblings David and Geraldine granting it vacant possession of the farm.

After they failed to comply, the bank got further orders requiring the McGanns and all others to vacate the property.

However, the High Court later heard three people, Mr McGann, Mr Taylor and Colm Granahan, of Ballina, Co Mayo had been present at the property in breach of the order.

The three men were jailed for contempt the week before last after refusing to give undertakings to stay away from the farm.

In a written judgment yesterday, Ms Justice Leonie Reynolds said in the circumstances she proposed to make an order for their indefinite detention until such time as they purge their contempt.

The judge said the court had to be mindful of its obligation to ensure court orders are complied with.

“It is an essential aspect of the rule of law,” said Ms Justice Reynolds.

She adjourned the matter until January 22, but said it was at all times open to the three men to come back before the court to purge their contempt and to undertake not to trespass upon the property or otherwise obstruct the bank or its agents from taking possession.

Affidavit evidence from a security worker who engaged with Mr Taylor and asked him to leave the property on October 29 last was that the former garda said he would only leave if he was provided with what was considered by him to be a “decent order”.

The court was told Mr Taylor threw a High Court order on the ground at the feet of the security worker.

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