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Anti-nepotism laws proposed in major review of corruption and white-collar crime

  6 hrs ago

Anti-nepotism laws proposed in major review of corruption and white-collar crime

New anti-nepotism laws are being recommended as part of a major review of corruption and white-collar crime. 

A cross-departmental review group has urged the Government to introduce new legislation which could see politicians and senior officials prosecuted for showing preferential treatment when awarding State contracts.

The group chaired by former Director of Public Prosecution (DPP) James Hamilton said ethics legislation should be amended to make “improper use of influence” when hiring or contracting based on an individual’s identity, a criminal offence.

However, the Justice Department said the group was not suggesting politicians should be prevented from hiring family members for taxpayer-funded roles.

A spokesperson said the group’s view is there are situations requiring “a significant level of personal trust and knowledge or familiarity of the appointee because of the personal and direct service required by the role”.

“In such instances, personal trust and familiarity can have a significant bearing on how the role is carried out because of the personal nature of the service, such as a family member working in the office of an elected representative,” he added.

The anti-nepotism laws was one of 25 recommendations made by the group to Justice Minister Helen McEntee.

They also warned there is a loophole in ethics legislation which means officer holders cannot be prosecuted under ethics laws once they step down.

The group also said the Standards in Public Office Commission (Sipo) should be given more powers and resources to tackle potential corruption in politics.

They also called for new legislation to clamp down on bid rigging and cartel behaviour among businesses.

Mr Hamilton’s report recommended that the Office of the Director of Corporate Enforcement (ODCE) and the Competition and Consumer Protection Commission should be given similar powers to gardaí to investigate crimes under their remits.

They also said new laws should be introduced to give gardaí power to seek the passwords of mobile devices.

Speaking on the reports publication, Ms McEntee said white-collar crime “damages our economy, breeds cynicism in our society and is a threat to our international reputation”.

“Perpetrators of such crimes can be sure we will spare no effort in preventing them committing such offences – and will bring them to justice if they do,” she said.

She said the implementation of the group’s recommendations will take cross-departmental collaboration.

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