Some hard Questions here: Leo the Leak can dish it out but the boy with a devious mind can’t take it back; he cries Wolf and runs for cover and then starts to dig up the dirt. Today I want to ask a question to Leo: You are the son of an Indian doctor and a Tipperary mother. Fact. Now, where is the Racism in the comment? Then Leo six weeks before the Referendum on Gay and Lesbian Rights, he came out after almost 23 years and shouted “Leo is Gay; Leo is Gay” – Well done. Equality was achieved for approximately 1% of the population of Ireland (even though I voted against it myself, I accept Democracy). What worries me is that if any straight person now says anything controversial then LGBT are given the RTE airwaves for the week. This must Stop. What people do in their own private lives, in their own homes, is their own business. Let us Live and Let Live. The Question is Leo: You, since you came out, have not stopped Flaunting your Sexuality in everybodies face and that becomes a problem for people. If FF had not backed that Equality, it would not have seen the light of day. I also think that Gay Parades are fun and are enjoyable but now I think Genuine Gay People are starting to realise that large Businesses on their back also. (Pink Pound/Dollar is a most lucrative economy). I also think that people in Ireland now are afraid to express their Right to Freedom of Speech and if we ever lose it we are on Dangerous Ground. Please read my conclusion below:

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‘Sinn Féin need to explain why it was necessary to delete Stanley’s Twitter account’ – Paschal Donohoe

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‘Sinn Féin need to explain why it was necessary to delete Stanley’s Twitter account’ – Paschal Donohoe

Finance Minister Paschal Donohoe has asked why Sinn Féin TD Brian Stanley deleted his Twitter account, questioning if there are further comments that could land him in trouble.

The Laois-Offaly TD first landed himself in controversy over a tweet he posted last weekend about British soldiers being killed in Ireland.

Other controversial remarks from the TD have since emerged, including a tweet from 2017 about Tanaiste Leo Varadkar’s sexuality.

Mr Stanley, who is the chairman of the Dáil’s Public Accounts Committee (PAC), said he had “no apology to make” over the tweet and has rejected homophobic accusations.

Speaking at the launch of a PAC report on Thursday, Mr Stanley said that his record on campaigning on LGBTI issues “stands for itself”.

The Sinn Fein TD apologised for his “insensitive” tweet about British soldiers. He has since deleted his Twitter account, which has raised questions on if there are other controversial tweets the TD has previously sent.

Speaking on RTÉ Radio One’s Morning Ireland, Minister Donohoe has asked why there was a need for the account to be deleted.

He said: “Deputy Stanley and Sinn Fein need to assure us what other comments are on the account that was deleted and explain why it was necessary to delete it.”

The Minister added that Mr Stanley’s apology and deletion of tweets is “not enough”.

“It’s not enough what Brian Stanley said and his tweet of a number of years ago where he linked someone’s sexuality to the job they do is just utterly unacceptable,” Mr Donohoe said.

“He needs to reconcile that track record on gay rights to make a statement like that on the leader of my party and the then Taoiseach.

“You can’t be making those kind of comments with that kind of tone about anybody.

“You can’t link up somebody’s sexuality with the job that they do, we are a different and better country than that. This is such a reflection of the general tone that Sinn Féin takes about politics and politicians that they oppose.”

When asked if he believes Mr Stanley should resign as chair of PAC, Mr Donohoe said: “Well If he can’t provide a credible explanation or answer the question regarding why he believes a tweet like that is unacceptable then I do think he has questions to answer regarding why he should stay in that role.”

“Why did he delete his twitter account? What other comments are there?” The Minister asked on the show.

“I think the two questions he needs to answer is why should he still be in that role? And why was it necessary that he delete his social media account?”

The Finance Minister added that he believes how Sinn Féin speak about others with differing political views “poisons the well” of how politics is debated in the country.

He added: “And they are the questions that Mary Lou McDonald and Sinn Fein must answer today.

“Their tone on politics, their tone on how they speak about those who have different political views to them, in many times and in many cases I don’t believe is acceptable and I believe poisons the well of how we debate politics in our country.”

Fred concludes: Not so long ago in the Dail, Leo the Leak was a Minister, Kenny the Mayo Goat was Taoiseach; if I can recall he was anwsering a question, yes I mean Leo, from Dessie Ellis and I never witnessed such a Smarmy Arrogant Attitude as was so apparent that day. He kept tormenting Deputy Ellis for at least 10 minutes “Ah you would know about red diesel alright and dipping the old stick in” and he continued with this Dirty Politics for some time. Dessie Ellis just looked at him and said nothing. I call Deputy Ellis a fine TD, a decent human being and yet Varadkar tried to slur his name in a gutteral way by using Dail Privilege. Let’s not forget Leo never explained his alleged “Cocaine” habit and let us not forget that he treats Micheal Martin like Shit and he hates, in my opinion, the Catholic Church. We all have problems there but not all Clergy are bad. To say to a member of Dail Eireann “YOU ARE LIKE AN OLD DIRTY PRIEST GOING BEHIND THE ALTAR UP TO NO GOOD” I still can’t get over that FF allowed him to smear them in that way. So, I conclude where I began, Varadkar can dish out but he cannot take it and it is time that the people of Ireland and Sinn Fein also (who have a problem with this); there are many SF supporters who voted against that Equality bill but they are in absolutely fear of expressing their true feelings. As I said before I accept the Equality verdict, we are all human beings but Varadkar uses his sexuality as some type of Sledgehammer and now it is becoming quite evident that he is FG’s biggest weakness. In my opinion, he is just a smarmy, charming, thundering idiot, who cannot accept blame. And let’s go a stage verdict, he set up Helen McEntee like a Roast Turkey. Fred

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