Now we have a Feud between Sheriff Street Young Thugs up against Pearse Street Thugs, this could get Bloody?

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Gardai swarm to Dublin city centre street after shots fired in brutal gang war

Local Councillor Anthony Flynn called for more garda presence in the area, saying the community ‘can’t live in fear’

There was a large Garda presence on a Dublin city street last night after a number of shots were fired just before 9pm – leaving the community in a state of panic.

The incident took place on Sheriff Street Lower and is said to be related to a horror axe attack which happened in the area in early November.

The bloody battle at Windmill Lane and Creighton Street saw as many as three armed youngsters seriously injured from slash wounds during the Sheriff versus Pearse debt fight last month.

Just minutes before the two groups clashed in November, a house in the area had been targeted by opposition gang members.

Sheriff Street (Image: Google Maps)
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It had its windows smashed up by the dangerous group before the spat rolled out onto the roads.

And the war is understood to have escalated once again last night as three shots were fired in the area by a lone gunman.

It is understood that one man carried out the shooting on a scooter before fleeing the scene.

A source told Dublin Live: “This shooting is believed to be connected to the ongoing gang war in the area between Sheriff Street and Pearse Street groups.

“The gunman was on an electric scooter and fired three Shots

“It’s unknown who the target was or if there was any target. It may have been just warning shots.

“He fled the scene on the scooter once again and throngs of Gardai gathered in the area immediately after.”

Councillor Anthony Flynn told Dublin Live that this level of violence is “completely unacceptable”.

He said: “Someone could have been seriously injured. I would urge the perpetrators to think about the actions and consequences of such.

“We cannot have our community living in fear, we cannot have a situation where people are living in fear in the NEIC.

“Myself and council colleagues alongside senior DCC management will meet with the Garda Chief Superintendent this afternoon, where an update of the Garda policing plan for the NEIC will be requested.”

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