Martins days are Numbered, at least McSharry has balls, Where are the rest of FF? SF should stop Apologising over a Tweet, Leo the Leak never got the same Attack as Stanley, Why, RTE are totally Anti SF, well known for decades, the Sheep FF TD,s should get up and save the party from Martin and Leo the Leak??

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Fianna Fail TD calls for Micheal Martin to step aside as Taoiseach in fiery private party meeting

Sligo TD Marc McSharry blasted the Fianna Fáil leader for being “chief flag flyer” for Leo Varadkar

Taoiseach Micheal Martin during a media briefing at Government Buildings, Dublin (Image: Tom Honan/Julien Behal Photography/PA Wire)

Taoiseach Micheal Martin has been told he should stand down as leader of the party by one of his own in a private party meeting.

And Fine Gael leader Leo Varadkar has been told at his own party meeting that the Government’s botched handling of the Mother and Baby Homes Bill was another “Black and Tans moment” – referring to then-Justice Minister Charlie Flanagan’s plans to commemorate the hated Black and Tans War of Independence British State forces in January.

Sligo TD Marc McSharry blasted the Fianna Fáil leader for being “chief flag flyer” for Leo Varadkar while throwing his own party members “under the bus” over the latest ‘Leo Leaks’ controversy.

Mr MacSharry said Mr Martin had “dragged the party down to 11% in the polls” and he laid into his leader when he added: “and you are the problem.”

Three sources confirmed to the Mirror that Mr MacSharry said there was “nothing personal” in his broadside against Mr Martin where MacSharry also said “if you can’t take it, then you shouldn’t be leading the party.”

An Taoiseach Micheal Martin TD at Leinster House on Kildare Street, Dublin. (Image: Collins Photo Agency)
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He was speaking at a lengthy Fianna Fáil Parliamentary Party meeting of TDs, Senators and MEPs on Wednesday night.

Tánaiste Varadkar was hauled over the coals by the opposition this week for leaking confidential Government GP contract documents to a doctor friend.

But Mr Martin received nearly more of a battering from some of his own party members in an internal meeting, where he was accused of protecting the “sacred cow” that is Varadlkar.

The son of party legend Ray MacSharry, a former senior minister and EU Commissioner, didn’t hold back in what was described as “a personal attack” last night. 76659595577

Mr MacSharry is a known critic of his party leader, but another TD who was on the party Zoom call last night said: “He was in particularly bitter form, he tore Micheál a new one to be honest.”

Another TD told the Mirror there was “stunned silence” after Mr MacSharry finished “his barnstormer.”

Mr MacSharry was backed in his criticisms of leader Martin by another acknowledged party rebel, TD John McGuinness. i

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