Its Tragic that the late Det Supt Colm Fox,s Widow and Family have to go to the High Court to get Answers, if a State cannot Protect its Gardai and tell the Truth, where are we going Here, Morally?Could Colm Fox,s Suicide have being Avoided?

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Regency investigator Colm Fox was doing workload of ‘multiple senior gardai’

He was found dead in his office in Ballymun Garda Station in Dublin on February 10, 2018

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CCJ regency case reentered Members of murdered Regency victim David Byrne’s family arrive outside the Criminal Courts of Justice today. Current Time 0:17 / Duration 0:45   Family of Regency murder victim David Byrne say there’s no justice  

The lead investigator in the Regency murder trial was performing the work of multiple senior gardai, it has emerged.

Sources have revealed the last months of Detective Superintendent Colm Fox’s life saw him performing the duties of two Superintendents and was short of detective inspectors.

He was found dead in his office in Ballymun Garda Station in Dublin on February 10, 2018.

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His death led to Patrick Hutch – who was on trial accused of murdering David Byrne in the 2016 Regency Hotel shooting – walking free on Wednesday after the charge against him was dropped.

A source said: “At the time of his death Colm Fox was dealing with a huge shortfall in high ranking officers to deal with the day to day operation of detective duties. Advertisement

Colm Fox lead investigator in the Regency Hotel murder of Kinahan cartel henchman David Byrne (Image: Collins)

“This was not just in the Ballymun district area – in simplest terms he has handling half of the city because another Detective super hadn’t been appointed.

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“The work load was massive and it was made even worse because he was short of detective inspectors.

David Byrne was shot dead at boxing weigh in at the Regency Hotel in Dublin on February 5, 2016.

“He was handling all the paper work and decision making for a huge swathe of the city and there was no sign of anything being done to help him with the burden.”

At the time of his death there was a significant shortfall in high ranks.

Patrick Hutch

Sources have said that there was a constant request for promotions of officers to fill those positions but they remained unfilled.

A source who knew Colm Fox said: “He was super dedicated and was one of these officers who dealt with policing as a vocation – he believed in helping people.

“He didn’t want to let the side down – the pressure on him was immense. When it gets to the inquest it will be a self inflicted injury that caused his death.

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“On one side members want him to be left to rest in peace but it is important that the story around his death is explained.”

It is understood that on the night of his death he left three notes – these notes were found in his office and in post boxes of colleagues.

The notes contained references to “mistakes” in the Regency investigation but did not go into detail.

The Bonnington Hotel in Santry, formerly known as the Regency Hotel (Image: Collins Photo Agency)

A source said: “He had expressed concerns weeks earlier that he was being set up for a fall on the Regency investigation by defence barristers.

“People dismissed this as just general bunker mentality comments but clearly he was burdened by it.”

At Monday’s hearing in the Special Criminal Court, Sean Gillane, SC for the State,

said that they were unable to proceed with the case against Patrick Hutch in the wake of the death of Colm Fox.

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