Drew Harris lays down the Law to all Gardai, No more Freebies, free bus travel? Nightclubs? and no more Discount Takeaways, long Overdue?

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Gardai warned takeaway discounts and free entry into nightclubs and events seen as corruption

  • 14 Dec 2020, 9:31
  • Updated: 14 Dec 2020, 9:32

GARDAI who have accepted free entry into nightclubs and events or taken discounts at takeaway restaurants are taking part in corruption.

All members of An Garda Siochana have been warned against corruption – with a new definition in place as cop suspensions are at a record high.

Gardai have been warned receiving takeaway discounts
              and accepting free entry to nightclubs counts as
Gardai have been warned receiving takeaway discounts and accepting free entry to nightclubs counts as corruptionCredit: Alamy

According to the Irish Times, there were 67 members of the fource suspended from duty last month due to multiple investigations.

This is over twice the amount suspended in September 2018 when Garda Commissioner Drew Harris was appointed.


A document, seen by the Irish Times, was circulated around Garda HQ sets out the broad definition of corruption – as part of the laucnh of the new Garda anti-corruption unit.

The document stipulates that corruption is defined as “the abuse of a position of trust in order to gain an undue advantage.”

According to the new unit, not all “gain” must be financial, or seen as an “abuse of authority” to be seen as corruption.

Cops have been warned that the “intentional omission or embellishment of evidence” in a case will be considered corruption.

The document says that corruption also includes: “Abuse of authority by Garda personnel, including receiving material gain without breaking the law eg. free entry into events and nightclubs, discounts from takeaways/restaurants.”

Other forms of corruption include: using illegal drugs, abuse of power for sexual gain, cancelling fines,  receiving gifts from the public or victims without declaring them,

As well as, obtaining personal gain by “referring business to particular persons or companies”; sharing confidential information with colleagues, friends, criminals and others.


This comes as it was revealed gardai have seized more than €53.5million worth of drugs during the pandemic — close to double the ­previous annual high.

Coronavirus restrictions and checkpoints are a transportation nightmare for gangs who are being forced to give up their product in record quantities.

Cannabis accounted for more than 40 per cent of the busts since March 12 — with a total value of more than €22.3million. Cops have also seized €1.8million worth from grow houses.

Cocaine was next with €15.5million of blow found — 29 per cent of the total haul of drugs seized.

The €3.4million worth of ecstasy accounted for 6.4 per cent of the total and the €4.7million of MDMA was 8.8 per cent.

Some €940,000 worth of ­ketamine was also seized — with the rest made up of diamorphine, methedrone and prescription pills.

Members of the Kinahan cartel, associates of the feuding Drogheda mobsters and thugs in west Dublin are among the yobs dealt major blows by the Gardai.

And to put the recent success into context, according to the An Garda Siochana Annual Report for 2019, which was released on Tuesday, cops nabbed €21million worth of drugs in the whole of last year.   Two deaths & 264 cases as Glynn says ‘too early’ to tell if new strain here

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Fine Gael TD Neale Richmond said the figures were evidence of how cops have been taking advantage of criminals’ difficulty.

The Dublin-Rathdown deputy said: “It’s been a bonanza year for gardai both in terms of seizing drugs and also cash, stolen cars and luxury items such as watches.

“Partly it’s down to the fact that with the restrictions, there are a lot fewer places open where drugs can be peddled, but also it’s down to the increased numbers of guards out there working on investigations.”

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