A lot of money to Steal from your Employer? Lucky to receive such a short sentence? Prada and Gucci come at a Price……….. and Vanity too

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Donegal woman jailed over €760,000 theft from her employer

Updated / Tuesday, 15 Dec 2020 17:13

          Sweeney spent most of the money on high-end handbags and
          clothing (Pic: North West Newspix)
Tara Sweeney spent most of the money on high-end handbags and clothing (Pic: North West Newspix)

A woman who stole €760,000 from her employer, the Donegal Education Centre, and spent most of it on high-end handbags and clothing has been jailed for two years.

Tara Sweeney, 47, with an address at The Glebe, Donegal Town, had pleaded guilty to 20 sample charges of theft at the centre over a six-year period. 

Sentencing her at Letterkenny courthouse today, Judge John Aylmer said Ms Sweeney’s crimes were “systematic and premeditated”.

Ms Sweeney was an accounts administrator at the centre in Donegal Town from 2009 until 2015 and had access to numerous bank accounts. 

In 2015, a new director at the company became suspicious of large missing sums of money, an investigation was launched and Ms Sweeney subsequently resigned from her post. 

A search of her home by gardaí found a room full of black bags which continued documentation from the education centre. 

An accountancy firm was drafted in and it showed electronic transfers into Ms Sweeney’s account in the sum of €760,000. 

Further investigations showed that Ms Sweeney had spent much of the money on clothing, designer handbags, perfumes, jewelery with many high-end labels including Prada and Gucci. Many of the handbags and clothing which was recovered were never even taken out of their packaging, the court heard. 

Barrister for Ms Sweeney, Mr Peter Nolan told the court that the case and her actions have destroyed her life. Since the case came to light, Ms Sweeney has received hate mail and is afraid to go out, he said. 

However, Mr Nolan said, Ms Sweeney is in the process of selling her house which is worth €150,000 and the profit of between €60,000 to €70,000 will be paid back to the Donegal Education Centre. 

Mr Nolan said: “This has been a catastrophic event in her life. She has lost her house, lost her family, has no friends and is now on a pariah in the town of Donegal.” 

He added that it was a sad and unusual case and that if there is any money recouped from the recovery of all the designer brands then perhaps that could be repaid also. 

The court heard that Donegal Education Centre is also taking High Court proceedings against Ms Sweeney. 

Judge Aylmer said there was also a serious breach of trust by Ms Sweeney against her employers. 

He said it had been suggested that the thefts were as a result of a “compulsive addiction” but said there was no psychological or psychiatric evidence of this but it was rather a result of purchasing the goods to “improve low mood”. 

He said however, that Ms Sweeney had no previous convictions and had been completely co-operative with gardaí. 

He said the sale of her house would raise between €60,000 and €70,000 and that this would raise approximately 10% of the money she had stolen.

An application was also made to have the goods bought with the stolen money including the handbags and high-end clothing, as well as documentation handed over to the Donegal Education Centre.

He said the offence was well into the mid-range of such offences and merited a sentence of three years in prison.

However, because of the mitigating factors the judge said he would suspend the last twelve months.

Judge Aylmer said he had to consider suspending the entire sentence but added that because of the seriousness of the offences, it was beyond the threshold of suspending the balance of the two-year sentence. 

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