What is happening among the Youngsters in this country? Stabbed with a broken Bottle for 2 Euros, where are the Parents?

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‘It’s lamentable’: Judge appalled after video of teen stabbed with a broken vodka bottle over €2 goes viral

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‘It’s lamentable’: Judge appalled after video of teen stabbed with a broken vodka bottle over €2 goes viral

A judge admitted he was appalled at the “lamentable” level Irish society had plummeted to after a video clip of a helpless teen being savagely stabbed with a broken vodka bottle after an unprovoked attack over €2 was shared on social media and went viral worldwide.

Judge Sean Ó Donnabháin commented after he sentenced a teenager, who was 17 at the time of the stabbing, to 18 months in prison for the attack in Carrigaline, Co Cork on June 6.

Gardaí said the unprovoked attack only ended when the attacking teen took the victim’s mobile phone and “left him for dead, really”.

Cork Circuit Criminal Court heard the innocent teenage boy was set upon by a gang of fellow teenagers after he had refused a demand to give them €2 for a bus fare last summer.

The confrontation occurred in the Waterpark area of Carrigaline.

The attack was described by the victim’s mother as “frenzied” – and said when her family rushed to the scene having been informed of her son’s injuries, it resembled “a Crime Scene Investigation (CSI) episode”.

“It was a needless and frenzied attack – it was devastating for my son and for our family,” she said.

Her family was informed of precisely what had happened “with horror and disbelief”.

The mother said they were shocked and appalled to realise a video clip of the gruesome attack had been shared on social media – which caused them immeasurable further pain and suffering.

“We are haunted by the nightmare scene of our son lying in the back of an ambulance being bandaged and telling us he didn’t do anything wrong.”

Another teen – uninvolved in the assault – video-taped the incident on his phone and shared the clip to SnapChat. It immediately went viral – and was shared and viewed across Ireland, the US and worldwide.

“It is a lamentable sign (of society)…that we should have gone down to this low level,” Judge Ó Donnabháin said.

“This assault was on a helpless victim who was lying on the ground. That some (other) idiot should have filmed it?

“There was a considerable amount of violence. He had a victim on the ground. That he should have hit him with a bottle – and then stabbed him in the back with the broken bottle?”

Detective Garda Declan Healy said the assault was entirely unprovoked and occurred when €2 was demanded from the victim. When he refused, one teen (not the defendant) punched him in the face and knocked him to the ground.

The defendant then approached, spoke to the teen who had struck the victim, picked up a glass vodka bottle and smashed it over the victim’s head. He then used the jagged neck of the glass bottle to stab the victim in the back while he was lying helpless on the ground.

“He was stabbed six times,” Det Garda Healy said.

The defendant arrived before Cork Circuit Criminal Court on a signed plea of guilty to assault causing harm contrary to Section 3 of the Non Fatal Offences Against the Person Act.

Judge Ó Donnabháin imposed a two-and-a-half year prison term, suspending the final 12 months.

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