Sign into the “Currency” (online journalism) today, and read of the Kinahan 1 billion Cartel Empire written by Barry Cummins.

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Inside Kinahan Crime Inc: The rise and rise of a global €1bn family business When we think of the country’s biggest businesses, we normally look to the stock exchange, published results or valuations. Sadly, however, the Kinahan crime cartel is one of Ireland’s most significant enterprises, with substantial interests in commercial property and holiday resorts across Europe, South Africa and South America. The organisation has been linked with dealing in weapons, and trading in huge shipments of drugs from South America – it has also become a specialist in fraud and money laundering. The EU’s security services have described Christy Kinahan as the chief executive of Kinahan Crime Inc, a global business, international property and criminal organisation valued at upwards of €1 billion. In this fascinating piece, Barry Cummins unravelled the Kinahan business empire.

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