When the Darkness of Covid-19 is finally over we can be assured Questions will be asked in the Courts of Justice, by suffering families; questions about Why their Loved ones died in the Nursing Homes in Ireland – Dundalk, Kerry, Dublin and no doubt in each county? Some Families are already Asking if there was and is a Darker Motive involved here? Time will Disclose the true hardship experienced by those who are most vulnerable and live in care homes. Also there are young people who have brain injury, Parkinsons, severe disabilities and for other health related reasons, living dreadful lives because the State fails to provide the proper shared living accommodation and instead they are surrounded by the aged and sick, made so much worse an experience because of COVID-19.

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Staff at Kerry nursing home test positive for Covid-19

Updated / Thursday, 31 Dec 2020 14:19

Residents at the 35-bed facility in Camp are currently
          being tested (File image)
Residents at the 35-bed facility in Camp are currently being tested (File image)

An outbreak of Covid-19 has occurred at a Co Kerry nursing home, with a significant number of staff at Oceanview Nursing Home understood to have tested positive for the virus.

Residents at the 35-bed facility in Camp are currently being tested.  

A spokesperson for Aperee Limited, the company which operates the nursing home, said the situation is being actively managed: 

As part of our fortnightly staff serial testing, we have been advised that a number of staff have tested positive for Covid-19. We are in ongoing contact with the HSE and Department of Public Health and have notified HIQA.” 

“We have enacted our contingency plan and are currently testing all our residents. Our primary focus is on our residents and are keeping our residents’ relatives informed at all times. We continue to actively manage the situation,” the spokesperson added. 

The HSE said that Cork Kerry Community Healthcare Organisation has been working closely with the nursing home to ensure that the necessary supports are put in place to manage the outbreak. 

The HSE has established an Outbreak Control Team which is providing advice and guidance on the issues which are key to bringing the outbreak under control. 

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