How could this Happen to our most Vulnerable, all the Warning Signs were there?

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Limerick nursing home reports eight Covid-related deaths

Updated / Monday, 4 Jan 2021 18:18

Windmill Healthcare says that the Covid outbreak at
          Killeline Care Centre has stabilised
Windmill Healthcare says that the Covid outbreak at Killeline Care Centre has stabilised

Mid West Correspondent

The Windmill healthcare group, which runs a number of private nursing homes in the south of the country has confirmed a significant Covid-19 outbreak at its care centre in Newcastle West, in Co Limerick. 

It has confirmed that there have been eight Covid-related deaths at the Killeline care centre over the past three weeks.

Because of the prevalence of the Covid-19 infection in the community, the group said the majority of its staff have tested positive for the virus. 

However, as they are now three weeks into the outbreak, a high number of staff are now recovered and back at work.

The centre has been receiving support from the HSE outbreak control team in their efforts to control and contain the outbreak, which they say has now stabilised.

Killeline nursing home

But they expect they will endure another difficult week before the cycle is complete. The group is scheduled for a vaccine roll-out on 18 January.

The group said that, at all times, they have maintained full clinical governance of the care centre, which provides care for 63 patients, they have been able to staff the centre with nursing staff from elsewhere in the group as well as agency staff.

Latest figures show that Limerick has the third highest rate of infection in the country. The 14-day incidence rate per 100,000 of population there is 895.3.

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