A very Intelligent woman writes some words in relation to Suicide, the Stigma, the Pain, and the Denial by some, who really dont care? Are Medical Experts really as Clever as they Pretend to be? Answer is No. Read below.

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We are told in the newspapers of recent date that another woman named 
walked out of one of our exclusive private hospitals....the presumption 
is suicide.  We are not dealing with mental health. Some say there are 
so many groups representing suicide that it exceeds the number of people 
who commit suicide.  Personally the people I have contacted and 
successfully are the Samaritans.  As a public patient for nearly six 
months in a psychiatric hospital, my in-hospital 'mentor' Eleanor, a 
patient, once a teacher, told me what she was going to do.  I reported 
it.  She walked out of the hospital and into the nearest and Eleanor 
took her life.  These are the silent voices lost in the cries of so many 
historic scandals that can only yield an acknowledgement and a monetary 
compensation payment.

It is now we need to think about vulnerable people.

Charles Murray spoke about the 'Underclass'.

Mental health challenged and linked closely to drug/alcohol addiction 
puts people on the path to disaster and shame.  They are defined by 
their bad teeth, their palor, their inability to work, their path to 
homelessness or reliance on their family for support financial and 

The hostels: they should be empowering people to independent living.  
They do not.

I think what the one liner in the US is 'Orange is the New Black'.

Mergers and acquisitions is what the business markets tell us lie 
ahead.  Mental health needs to tap into their expertise and arrive at a 
suitable programme for people who encounter mental health related 
situations.  One more point:  methadone is the artificial happy pill.  
Remember now people are living longer.  Dependence needs to be tackled 
and a good start would be to provide methadone minus the sugar which 
destroys the teeth.

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