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Kinahan floored by his own ego as gardaí bid to land knockout blow

After his failure to reinvent himself as a boxing tycoon, Daniel Kinahan is back doing what he does best – running his cartel, 

January 10 2021 02:30 AM

Cartel boss Daniel Kinahan may be laying low, but he hasn’t gone away you know. His plans to swap the world of crime for the legitimate business of boxing blew up in his face very publicly last year, but he has not let go of the reins of the Kinahan organised crime group.

According to security sources contacted last week, the international crime syndicate he leads has been quietly buying up apartments on the southside of the capital in order to keep a firm foothold in Daniel’s native city.

It seems his organisation’s reputation in Dublin is something that is still extremely important to the son of the man who founded the group – Christy Kinahan Snr, aka ‘the Dapper Don’.

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