This came up online, it should be read. Some say the Elite Liberal Left are Anti-Irish, make up your own Minds. Coppinger lost her seat, Murphy is a Smoke Salmon Socialist, but 6 shots Fired is Excessive? Then nobody seems to remember John Carthy, Why? Let GSOC do their Investigation here. Who are Siol na hEireann?

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 December 31, 2020 2 Minutes

Just yesterday a huge controversy erupted on Twitter and social media after a violent African viciously attacked a shopkeeper with a knife and then attempted to stab members of An Garda Síochána!

George Nkencho was shot while trying to stab a member of the Armed Response Unit.

Click Below to Watch The Video:

What was the controversy? The Far Left siding with the violent African criminal!

Far Left extremists like Ruth Coppinger, Dr Ebun Joseph and the usual Cultural Marxist assortment of lunatics have been busy blaming the Garda who was attacked with a knife, for the death of the vicious attacker!

The Far Left Are Attacking The Garda For Defending Himself

Far Left politicians are going after the Gardaí involved while African immigrants are publishing his personal details online, endangering him and his family!

Idiotic comments like “The Gardaí have in the past disarmed and arrested people” by Paul Murphy, PBP, or Anti White activist extraordinaire Dr Ebun Joseph’s commenting “Why couldn’t they shoot him in the leg!?” or Ruth Coppingers’“Brandishing a knife but not otherwise armed” show you exactly what Ireland’s elites are becoming.

A Communist cesspit of degeneracy and absolute hatred for everything Irish!

How Would You Feel If Your Family Was Threatened And Doxxed Online?

Why has there been no concern for the innocent victim of this savage attack?

Why is there no concern for the members of An Garda Síochána who were savagely attacked by this knife-wielding maniac?

Simple this is the true face of so-called “Anti Racism” in this country.

The Liberal Elite Hate The Irish People

They want to take rights away from Irishmen and women and give them to foreigners!

They want to live in an Ireland where we have no say in how OUR country is run!

That is why they don’t care about the innocent victim or the Garda who was attacked because they hate you, me and they hate the Irish people!

George Nkencho was a violent criminal who victimised poor innocent hardworking Irish people, but you will hear nothing about his savage violence from our Liberal elites Michael!

Pearse, Connolly, Collins, Tone and all the other martyrs of the struggle for freedom have always said this, Ireland Belongs To The Irish!

Our country is threatened daily by mass immigration, abortion, liberal extremism.

Will You stand up for the cause of Our Ireland?

I know that you will, it’s time for YOU to join the Resistance!

Síol na hÉireann are Ireland’s only Catholic nationalist party and we need YOU to stand up for your country!

Just like the men of 1916 we have to rise up and Take Our Country Back! Are you with me?

Join Síol na hÉireann today and join the Resistance to EU Rule and Foreign Plantation!

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