IO Years is a hefty Sentence; thankfully Judges are sending out a Clear Message to those who Deal in Drugs to expect a long Stretch. Drugs destroy Families. They destroy the lives of runners who can be as young as 8 to 10 years old.

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Dad-of-four jailed over €400k heroin haul in sports bags

  2 hrs ago

Dad-of-four jailed over €400k heroin haul in sports bags

A FATHER of four was jailed for eight years after gardaí discovered more than €400,000 worth of heroin inside a number of sports bags.

Cork Circuit Criminal Court was told the 2.99kg of heroin ranks as the biggest ever seizure of the drug in the city.

42-year-old Derek Keenan, with an address at Harbour View Road in Knocknaheeny in Cork, pleaded guilty to possession of heroin and the possession of heroin for sale and supply on July 9, 2020.

The drugs had a street value of €418,600. Members of Cork City Divisional Drugs Squad recovered the drugs following a surveillance operation at the man’s house.

The court heard at 11pm on July 9, 2020 gardaí saw Keenan sitting in his car in the driveway of his home on the northside of Cork city and noticed another man get in.

Gardaí approached the vehicle where they spotted a number of sports gear bags.

which were seized and found to contain 2.99kg of heroin.

Keenan and his co-accused were then interviewed and the defendant made certain admissions in relation to his role in the drug operation.

After his mobile phone was confiscated and examined. it was found to contain text messages which related to drug dealing.

He told gardaí he was awaiting orders from another party on what to do with the heroin.

He alleged that he had received threats in relation to a €6,000 drug debt. Det Sgt Mick

O’Halloran said Keenan, who has 29 previous convictions, was a “key player” in the drugs trade in the city.

Defence counsel Donal O’Sullivan BL said that his client co-operated with gardaí and made admissions of guilt.

However, Det Sgt O’Halloran said while this was correct, Keenan hadn’t facilitated bringing the investigation to another level by giving more information on the drugs trade.

Mr O’Sullivan said his client had lived a “blameless life” until his mid-thirties when he began taking drugs.

The lawyer also insisted his client was a person with no obvious trappings of wealth.

Judge Sean Ó Donnabháin said Keenan, “was a vital necessary part of drug dealing in the city.

To suggest he was involved to pay off a €6,000 debt is somewhat fanciful. There is also no excuse to say he is an addict”.

The judge also noted Keenan had been dealt with leniently by the courts for drug offences on previous occasions.

Taking the guilty plea into consideration, he jailed Keenan for 10 years suspending the last two years.

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