For once McDowell is Right, this is another Scandal, Homeless People dying on our Streets and this? Then Donnelly the FF Health Clown, Defends the Elite Rich getting the Covid Vaccine at the Beacon Private Hospital, while other Frontline Staff are Ignored???

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McDowell hits out at €25m rafting project

 3 hrs ago

McDowell hits out at €25m rafting project

Former government minister Michael McDowell has criticised plans by Dublin City Council to proceed with a €25m white-water rafting centre at George’s Dock in Dublin during a housing crisis.

The senator’s criticism follows Dublin City Council inviting expressions of interest from contractors to build the contentious scheme.

“They’re building this thing in the middle of a housing crisis during which Dublin City Council has been an abject failure,” Mr McDowell said.

“This shows priorities are completely wrong. It is a vanity project and a waste of money. The Minister for the Environment should make it very clear that no money will be available until the housing crisis is resolved.”

Planning was granted for the proposal in December 2019 in spite of the cost doubling from €12m to €23m.

The documentation now released by Dublin City Council shows the estimated cost has increased once more, with a current estimate of €25m (ex VAT) on the project. The documentation stresses to would-be interested parties that “this project is subject to funding”.

The centre will consist of the white-water rafting course, swift water rescue training facility, kayaking and canoe polo pool and urban street scene including a new plantroom building.

The documentation states the local authority is aiming to award a contract in the third quarter of this year. The construction phase is expected to take 18 months.

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