For such a small Country, these Murder Numbers are Staggering, so many People Dead, from Feuds, and other related Homocides, Domestic, or Randon. Shocking figures here, even in a Lockdown?

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Death rate

468 people killed in Ireland over past six years as homicides rise in lockdown


  • 16 Jan 2021, 8:00

SOME 468 people have been killed in Ireland over the past six years, exclusive figures reveal.

Homicides — including murder, manslaughter, infanticide and dangerous driving leading to death — for 2020 look set to top the previous year despite the nation being in the grips of a pandemic.

Tragic Jastine Valdez
Tragic Jastine Valdez
Homicides rose over lockdown
Homicides rose over lockdown

In the first nine months of last year, there were 27 ­murders, four manslaughters and 30 dangerous driving causing death horrors — a total of 61. But in the whole of 2019, there were 62 ­homicides, with 36 murders.

This included five victims of the Coolock feud, which kicked off after Zach Parker was murdered in January.

That year also saw three cases of manslaughter and 23 dangerous driving causing death cases.

In 2018, there were 85 homicides with 39 murders, eight manslaughters, and 38 dangerous driving leading to deaths.


  • 2015 – 83
  • 2016 – 85
  • 2017 – 92
  • 2018 – 85
  • 2019 – 62
  • 2020 (to October) – 61

In May of that year, student Jastine Valdez, 24, was abducted and murdered by crazed Mark Hennessy, who was later shot dead by gardai.

With 92 killings, 2017 had the most out of the five years.

There were 39 murders, nine manslaughters and 44 dangerous driving causing deaths.

The year of 2016 saw the Kinahan/Hutch feud kick off with Regency victim David Byrne one of 34 murders.

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