Golfgate not over yet, a long Drawn out Saga; Hard to see any of these Elite Clowns travelling in a Prison Van.

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Gardaí send their files on the Golfgate scandal to State prosecutors

Louise Burne  15 hrs ago

Gardaí send their files on the Golfgate scandal to State prosecutors

Gardai have sent their files on the Golfgate controversy to State prosecutors, to see if any of the politicians and elite of Irish society who attended should end up in court.Phil Hogan, Dara Calleary are posing for a picture© Provided by

Already, former agriculture minister Dara Calleary and ex-EU commissioner Phil Hogan have had to resign for attending.

The 81 guests, including prominent politicians and public figures, attended the event just 24 hours after the Government introduced new Covid-19 measures limiting the number of people at indoor gatherings.Dara Calleary wearing a suit and tie standing next to a car: Dara Calleary left his ministerial role after attending a golf event in Galway. Pic: Brian Lawless/PA Wire© Provided by Dara Calleary left his ministerial role after attending a golf event in Galway. Pic: Brian Lawless/PA Wire

Gardaí confirmed to that a file has now been sent to the DPP as part of their investigation. A number of people who were at the event were interviewed by gardaí. While Mr Calleary and Mr Hogan were forced to resign following a massive public backlash to the event, retired RTÉ radio star Seán O’Rourke also faced significant consequences, as the national broadcaster cancelled a project with the former Today host.

Earlier this month, a number of Fine Gael and Fianna Fáil senators, who had been stripped of the party whip following their attendance at the event, were readmitted to their parliamentary parties. Jerry Buttimer, John Cummins and Paddy Burke were readmitted to Fine Gael, while Fianna Fáil welcomed Aiden Davitt, Niall Blaney and Paul Daly back into the fold.

Meanwhile, Supreme Court judge and former attorney general Séamus Woulfe, who has been dogged by the scandal, will finally start work in the Supreme Court in February, seven months after his appointment to the bench. Mr Woulfe will sit alongside two colleagues in the chambers on February 4, 12 and 19 to deliberate on appeals. He did not sit for three months after talks with Chief Justice Frank Clarke, who told Judge Woulfe he should resign following the scandal.Phil Hogan wearing a suit and tie: Both Phil Hogan and Seamus Woulfe attended ‘Golfgate’ Pic:: Leah Farrell/© Provided by Both Phil Hogan and Seamus Woulfe attended ‘Golfgate’ Pic:: Leah Farrell/

He warned that there would be ‘continuing serious damage to the judiciary’ and said Judge Woulfe had shown a ‘lack of insight and understanding’. Judge Woulfe said he would not resign from his post, but accepted that the dinner had caused ‘offence and hurt to the public and damage to the court’. He later volunteered to pay three months of his salary to a charity.

He was criticised for his immediate response to the backlash in the weeks following the dinner. A transcript of his meeting with former chief justice Susan Denham showed he said media coverage of the Golfgate scandal had been ‘completely fake [and] overblown’. He said: ‘It’s a little bit of digression but I’m appalled at the kind of media treatment of the society event and the [way] it’s presented.

‘In some way, it’s like a Ku Klux Klan now because on that day and both times there was a friendly social atmosphere.’ He added that when he saw the initial story about Mr Calleary attending the Oireachtas Golf Society dinner in Clifden, he thought it was ‘the greatest load of rubbish ever’. Mr Woulfe said: ‘I thought, “Jesus, they’re really scraping the barrel here during the silly season in August.”’

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