In Ireland now, if anyone wants Cocaine, just Phone the Right Number, and have the Coke Delivered to your Doorstep?

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Dealers happy to make house calls as demand for cocaine increases during pandemic

We may be in the middle of yet another lockdown, but that hasn’t stopped the demand for cocaine, 

Stock picture

Stock picture

January 17 2021 02:30 AM

John is like any other middle-class professional in his 30s living in an Irish city. The Dubliner is restricted by the Covid-19 pandemic; he can’t socialise with his friends, he has to be careful about visiting his family, and he is working remotely.

He is stuck at home from dawn until dusk trying to make sense of life. And, like thousands of people across the country, John is regularly taking cocaine to ease his boredom.

It seems the pandemic is not having a negative effect on the sale of illegal drugs – in fact, it is making it easier for users to get their hands on them, at their own front door.

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