If this Story in the Times is Factual, to be Shot in the Back it Raises many Serious Questions within an Garda Siochana. Down the years I have stated our Armed Detectives need proper Training.

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George Nkencho shot in the back by gardai, says independent report

  Sunday January 24 2021, 12.01am GMT, The Sunday Times

The shooting of George Nkencho has led to
The shooting of George Nkencho has led to protests  

George Nkencho, who died following a disturbance outside his home in Clonee, west Dublin, last month, was shot twice in the back by armed gardai, an independent pathology report is said to have found.

A pathologist hired by Phelim O’Neill, the Nkencho family’s solicitor, found one of two back wounds suffered by Nkencho was from a bullet entering his lower back and exiting his upper right chest.

The state-conducted post-mortem examination found the 27-year-old was shot six times in total, with an interim cause of death believed to be two gunshots to vital organs.

Professor Jack Crane, a former state pathologist for Northern Ireland, was hired by O’Neill for the family’s own investigation, and conducted a preliminary post-mortem examination at Dublin city mortuary on January

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