What really has gone Wrong in Irish Society? Nobody can Blame the Church for this?

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Two teenagers charged with sexual assault of another boy in Dublin

  15 hrs ago

Two teenagers charged with sexual assault of another boy in Dublin

Two teenage schoolboys have been charged with sexually assaulting another boy in Dublin.

The boys, aged 15 and 14, appeared before Judge Colin Daly at the Dublin Children’s Court.

They were charged with sexual assault which allegedly occurred in south Dublin on a date in June last year.

Each youth had his case dealt with separately.

They were accompanied by visibly upset parents and their lawyers.

Det Gda Alan Young told Judge Daly that the older youth made no reply to charge.

The younger boy’s response to charge was “I’m definitely not guilty”, Det Gda David McNally told the court.

Judge Daly noted the Garda Youth Diversion Bureau found the case was not suitable for a juvenile caution.

The Director of Public Prosecutions has recommended trial on indictment in the circuit court which can impose lengthier sentences.

The Children’s Court has discretion to accept jurisdiction for most serious offences that are otherwise sent to a higher court.

It can only do so taking into account the age and level of maturity, as well as other relevant factors. It is provided for under section 75 of the Children Act.

The defence confirmed they will be making an application for the case to stay in the juvenile court.

Judge Daly noted a preliminary hearing needed to be held to decide the trial venue issue. He explained the procedure to the boys who said they understood.

They were remanded on bail to appear again in February.

The boys were warned that they must not, as a condition of bail, have any contact, directly or indirectly, with the complainant.

The judge ordered full disclosure of prosecution evidence to be provided to the boys’ solicitors ahead of the next hearing.

Legal aid was granted.

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