A lonely and Cold Desperate Homeless man, had to break the Law to get a Bed in Prison. At least the Refugees have a bed and a hot meal in Direct Provision.

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Homeless man broke into Cork pub in order to go
          to prison
Don Murphy was found by gardaí sitting outside on the steps at the side of the Sin É pub drinking a bottle of Kinsale gin which he had stolen from inside it. File photo

Wed, 27 Jan, 2021 – 06:41 Liam Heylin

A homeless man broke into a pub triggering the security alarm in the early hours and he then sat outside the pub drinking from a stolen bottle waiting for the gardaí to come and arrest him.

Defence solicitor, Diarmuid Kelleher, said Don Murphy had nowhere to stay and wanted to go to prison.

Murphy had a huge number of previous convictions and was jailed for five months for the Sin É burglary.

Sergeant Pat Lyons outlined the background to the crime which was committed at 3am on Monday, January 25.

Gardaí were alerted to an alarm being set off by a burglary at the Sin É premises on Coburg Street, Cork.

The guards arrived to see Don Murphy sitting outside on the steps at the side of the premises drinking a bottle of Kinsale gin which he had stolen from inside the pub.

Sgt Lyons said it was clear that Murphy had burgled the premises, taken the bottle of gin and he then sat on the steps, effectively waiting for the gardaí to arrive. CCTV showed that he had kicked in a door of the pub and set off the alarm.

Diarmuid Kelleher, defence solicitor, said the accused man knew the guards would come and he waited for them. Sgt Lyons said the accused had 38 previous convictions for burglary and 25 for causing criminal damage.

Judge Olann Kelleher noted that of the total of 359 convictions which Murphy had, most of the remainder of them were for being drunk and a danger. The judge suggested that such a large number might be a record.

Mr Kelleher, solicitor, said most of the defendant’s convictions were associated with him looking for drink.

The solicitor said that Murphy’s parents had always tried to look after him but both of them had died and the family home – a local authority house at Killala Gardens, Knocknaheeny – was now boarded up.

The solicitor said: “He is now homeless and he wants to go to prison.” The judge sentenced him to five months but wondered what would happen to Murphy, who is aged around 40, by way of accommodation once he is released from prison.

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