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Mum and daughter lose race discrimination case taken against Penneys over incident involving underwear

 12 hrs ago

Mum and daughter lose race discrimination case taken against Penneys over incident involving underwear

At the Workplace Relations Commission (WRC), adjudication officer Pat Brady dismissed the claims by Khalda Amjad and her daughter, Aisha Amjad, against Penneys owner, Primark Ltd over the incident at one of its Dublin stores on July 19, 2019.

On the morning in question, the Amjads entered the Penney’s store and they saw a worker putting clothing items from a crate into a bargain bin.

The two pointed to a piece of underwear that they wanted to purchase and alleged that the Penney’s assistant simply said that she could not give it to them.

The Amjads alleged that the employee then moved the item further away and dealt with other items while packing the bargain bin.

In her direct evidence, Khalda Amjad – originally from Pakistan – said she had been left “very embarrassed” by what happened.

Their solicitor stated that the Amjads left the store feeling belittled, demeaned and discriminated against.

However, in his findings, Mr Brady found that the contention by Khalda Amjad that the shop assistant “simply said” that she would not give the item of underwear to Ms Amjad is not correct.

Mr Brady said Penneys accepted that the shop assistant’s actions had fallen below its own standards of customer service and offered to compensate Khalda Amjad – an offer she rejected.

He said in his view the characterisation of events by Penneys “is credible”.

“The assistant’s actions did indeed fall short of good customer service standards but it seems to me just as likely than a Irish customer might have been on the receiving end of her impatience; they were not directed at the complainant on the grounds of her ethnicity and no connection was made between the two; the treatment of the complainant and her race or ethnicity,” he said.

Mr Brady said Khalda Amjad “undoubtedly had an unpleasant experience in the course of her visit” to the store.

I find that any unfavourable treatment was not on account of her race or religion and no prohibited conduct took place.”

Mr Brady also dismissed the discrimination and race claims by Ms Amjad’s daughter, Aisha who is of Asian ethnicity.

Penneys told the WRC that the worker in question on the date, an 18-year-old third level student employed part-time, became overwhelmed as she was surrounded by a number of customers while she was in the middle of making preparations for the bargain bin.

Penneys stated that some customers – but not the Amjads – snatched items from her before she had completed the necessary preparations for sale.

Penneys stated that Khalda Amjad was not refused the item of underwear but was asked to wait until the process of marking down the prices for the bargain bin had been completed, as otherwise she would pay the full price for the item.

Penneys stated that there was no Irish person treated more favourably although some customers may have grabbed items prior to their being discounted.

The retailer stated that Ms Amjad’s daughter, Aisha obtained the item she was looking for at the reduced rate and paid for it.

Penneys accepted that what happened to Khalda Amjad and her daughter represented a lower level of customer service that she was entitled to receive and made an offer to compensate her for this.

However, Penneys said there is no question of what occurred as representing discrimination on the grounds of race or religion.

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