Just a thought before Bed Time: Garda Sources inform this Blog that apart from being Stressed out from Covid-19 and at least 200+ Gardai off duty from Covid-19 and in self quarantine, the Stress is immense but now they have other Stressful Events coming down the Road; Random Drug Testing ordered by former RUC Chief MI6 Foggy Dew Harris and added to this; he has more instructions that they must hand up their phones on request so that he can see if there is Hanky Panky going on. He also wants Gardai to spy on their fellow Gardai – this can only be due to Drew’s connection with MI6. It seems to a lot of Gardai that Drew, a Staunch God Fearing Protestant, has no time for Hanky Panky. I want to ask tonight Charlie Stone Faced Flanagan who appointed Drew to position of Commissioner if he would take him aside (not forgetting the 2 meters) and ask him to circulate more and even call to the Garda Gay Club when the Restrictions are lifted. To be continued. Fred going to Bed solo as the Foggy Dew has ordered.

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