The Monk may be returning to Dublin, the Gardai will put out the Red Carpet for Gerry Hutch; I think they will eagerly want to ask the Monk a few Questions? Monk must be getting Lonely?

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After spending years living like a fugitive, Gerry ‘the Monk’ Hutch is now anxious to return to Dublin

Gerry 'The Monk' Hutch

Gerry ‘The Monk’ Hutch  

January 30 2021 02:30 AM

Gang leader Gerry ‘the Monk’ Hutch is said to be “very anxious” to come out of hiding and return home to Dublin.

The former armed robber has spent the past five years as a fugitive, on the run from both Kinahan cartel assassins and gardaí.

Next week marks the fifth anniversary of the notorious Regency Hotel attack, which gardaí believe Hutch masterminded in revenge for the murder of his nephew Gary and an attempt on his own life in Spain a month earlier.

The Monk fled Ireland weeks after a five-strong hit team, including three men dressed as ERU members armed with AK 47 rifles, stormed a boxing weigh-in organised by Daniel Kinahan.

Drug trafficker David Byrne was shot dead during the audacious attack which was intended to kill Kinahan and his top lieutenants at the same time.

However the planned massacre failed to materialise when Kinahan and his close associates, including Byrne’s brother Liam, escaped through a back door of the hotel.

The Kinahan cartel then unleashed an unprecedented cycle of vengeful bloodshed carrying out 14 murders over the following two years.

The death toll included the Monk’s brother Eddie, three of his nephews, two of his best friends and two completely innocent men.

But a relentless garda offensive effectively ended the feud by smashing the cartel’s drug trafficking operation and its ability to carry out murders with more than 30 members now serving long sentences for murder, attempted murder, conspiracy to murder, possession of firearms and drug trafficking.

Sources familiar with Hutch’s current predicament say he is anxious to return to his north inner-city neighbourhood.

He also denies involvement in the Regency attack, believing the garda has no evidence to charge him.

Gerard (Monk) knows that the Kinahans no longer have a hold on people like they did in the past thanks to the guards and he is happy that he helped expose Daniel to the world and make him a pariah in international criminal and boxing circles – Daniel has paid a big price for what he did to the Hutch family,” a source said.

“He (Hutch) denies he was involved in the Regency and if the guards had evidence he would have been arrested long ago – he has nothing to do with crime and just wants to resume his life,” the same source claimed.

It is understood that the crime boss was also buoyed by the decision to drop murder charges against his nephew Patrick Hutch two years ago, following the tragic death of the garda leading the Regency investigation.

A criminal prosecution against him would involve much of the evidence in his nephew’s trial.

However, gardaí have not given up their efforts to bring the former crime boss before the courts.

The Irish Independent understands that following an extensive review of the investigation gardaí at Ballymun station sent a file on Hutch’s alleged involvement to the DPP before Christmas.

The gardaí believe that while he was not a member of the actual hit team Hutch was one of the alleged ringleaders of the attack.

Part of the evidence against the Monk centres on a trip he took to a shooting range in Krakow, Poland with four associates less than two weeks before the attack at the Drumcondra venue.

Travel records suggest Hutch tried to cover his tracks by taking a circuitous route to Poland, travelling via Belgium and the Netherlands.

The gang boss travelled alone on a flight from Dublin to Brussels on January 21 where he then hired a car.

He next surfaced two days later at Eindhoven airport in the Netherlands – January 23 – where he caught a flight to Krakow.

On the same day, four of his close associates also travelled to the Polish city on a flight from Dublin.

The group then booked into one of a number of shooting academies on the outskirts of Krakow where patrons have access to a wide range of weapons – including AK47 assault rifles.

It is understood that members of the group recorded footage from the shooting range.

Security sources say they believe the trip was central to the preparations for the attack.

Other evidence is understood to include a secretly recorded conversation between Hutch and his close associate, former Sinn Féin councillor Jonathan Dowdall, a few weeks after the Regency attack.

The recording was made when the Monk and Mr Dowdall drove to a meeting in Northern Ireland during which they allegedly talked about the Regency.

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