Imagine Betraying the Neighbours you Grew up with, for lousy Money, no Loyalty in this Feud?

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Dirty thirty Staggering list of Kinahan cartel associates jailed over murder plots and assassinations

Caolan Smyth was jailed for his role in the plot to
              kill James 'Mago' Gateley

Caolan Smyth was jailed for his role in the plot to kill James ‘Mago’ Gateley

Nicola Tallant

January 11 2021 06:35 PM

Hitman Caolan Smyth has joined a vipers’ nest of 30 Kinahan assassins and murder plotters behind bars as he awaits sentence for the attempted murder of James ‘Mago’ Gately.

The 28-year-old gang enforcer, found guilty of trying to kill Hutch associate James ‘Mago’ Gately, joins an army of guns-for-hire and their logistics men who have been swept up in the garda offensive against the mob.

Thirty criminals from five different murder cells are now in jail, along with an international hitman and two full-time cartel gunmen who were on retainers to murder.

Smyth was a key member of the ‘Gucci Gang’ but his life spun out of control after his group ran up a €200,000 debt to the Kinahan cartel and didn’t have the money to pay it.

Smyth first tried to kill Gately to cancel the bill and was later accused of setting up his friend, 22-year-old Sean Little, who was acting as a middle man for the mob and who was shot dead on a roadside in the summer of 2019.

Despite being close to a female who is one of Daniel Kinahan’s most-trusted allies, Smyth was afforded no special write-offs from the mob and has found himself as disposable as the rest who are serving time for their roles in the feud.

Gucci gangster Caolan Smyth took a lie detector test
              in order to prove he had nothing to do with the shooting
              of his pal Sean Little

Gucci gangster Caolan Smyth took a lie detector test in order to prove he had nothing to do with the shooting of his pal Sean Little

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He will join a long list of guns-for-hire and logistics men who have been jailed in their droves for attempted murders and assassinations in the name of the Kinahan cartel.

Thirty siblings, cousins and friends have been caught in a series of undercover operations and investigations which have slowly dismantled the organised crime group. Among them are:

  • Brother and sister Johnny and Regina Keogh, jailed for life for the murder of Gareth Hutch.
  • Cousins Luke and Alan Wilson, serving sentences for conspiracy to kill Gary Hanley.
  • Brothers Patrick and Stephen Curtis and Gary and Glen Thompson, jailed in connection with a failed plot to kill Patsy Hutch.
  • International hitman Imre Arakas, who came to Ireland to pocket €200k for the murder of ‘Mago’ Gately.
  • Killer James Quinn, who was paid a retainer as a full-time killer for the gang and who is serving more than 20 years in Spain for the murder of Gary Hutch.
  • The mob’s top gun for hire in Ireland who is behind bars on a weapons offence but who is the chief suspect in the murder of Noel Duggan, Eddie Hutch and Darren Kearns.

The first two kill cells identified in the months after the Regency Hotel attack were run by two north inner city thugs who were introduced to Kinahan’s inner circle through mutual associates.

Johnny Keogh was an INLA bomb maker who grew up in the heart of Hutch territory and was a neighbour of Gareth Hutch.

He drafted in his sister Regina, a mother of five, and two of his associates Thomas ‘Tossy’ Fox and alleged killer Nicky McConnell, who is currently fighting extradition from Turkey for charges relating to the murder.

Eamon Cumberton with Johnny Keogh

Eamon Cumberton with Johnny Keogh

Cage fighter Eamon Cumberton was a close friend of Kinahan lieutenant Ross Browning, and was on a mission to make a fortune when he travelled to Lanzarote to kill Gerry ‘The Monk’ Hutch and later when he donned a Freddie Kruger mask to murder Michael Barr in the Sunset House.

He was a north inner city native who turned on his neighbours for a pay day. He is now serving life in prison along with David Hunter, his Liverpool sidekick flown into Dublin for the job.

Martin Aylmer got three years for his role in the enterprise, which involved buying six prepaid mobile phones.

In court, Justice Tony Hunt said it could not be established that Aylmer knew he was contributing to a murder but must have been apparent to Aylmer that he was assisting in some serious criminal activity.

A third cell of would-be killers made up of Alan and Luke Wilson, Joseph Kelly and cousins Liam Brannigan and Dean Howe are all behind bars too on charges relating to the conspiracy to kill Gary Hanley, a Hutch associate.

They stalked their victim for weeks and were recorded as they discussed their plot from surveillance vehicles they parked outside his house.

Dean Howe and Liam Brannigan were both jailed

Dean Howe and Liam Brannigan were both jailed

During his trial, a court heard how Liam Brannigan discussed a conversation he had had with Daniel Kinahan in Dubai as he plotted the murder. Cell number four comprised of a €200,000 enterprise to kill Patsy Hutch, the Monk’s brother and father of murdered Gary Hutch.

The eight man cell was employed to kill Hutch as the Kinahan cartel became more desperate to murder him, and was made up of drug addicts, homeless dropouts and criminals with mental health issues.

They included addict Mohammed Smew, slow learner Mark Capper, homeless Michael Burns and director of operations Patrick Curtis, who suffers from obsessive compulsive disorder and extreme claustrophobia.

Curtis’s younger brother Stephen, lookout Ciaran O’Driscoll and brothers Gary and Glen Thompson and former soldier Robert Browne were also jailed as part of the hit team, while their overlord, who only contacted them on an encrypted phone and was dubbed Lordnose, has so far not been positively identified in the plot.

International hitman Imre Arakas

International hitman Imre Arakas

When Imre Arakas travelled to Ireland, disguised as a fishing enthusiast, he formed a cell in his plot to kill Mago Gately and other members of the Hutch clan who he could target.

While mob boss Eric Fowler — who arranged for him to be picked up and brought to his home in Blakestown cottages — was murdered a week after the Estonian pleaded guilty, two other Kinahan lieutenants are before the courts in connection with the gun plot.

Peadar Keating, David Duffy and Douglas Glynn are all before the Special Criminal Court in connection with the plan, while Keating is also charged with directing a criminal organisation. Stephen Fowler, Eric’s father, is also facing a charge for his involvement in the attempted murder. All four men are believed to have denied involvement in the murder plot.

The Hutch-Kinahan feud marked the end of the murderous career of other Kinahan killers including Freddie Thompson, serving life for the murder of David ‘Daithi’ Douglas, and Glen Clarke, who died accidentally when he shot himself in the face after carrying out the botched murders of innocent tourist Trevor O’Neill and homeless man Martin O’Rourke.

'Fat' Freddie Thompson was caged

‘Fat’ Freddie Thompson was caged

Investigators probing the murder of Noel ‘Duck Egg’ Kirwan oversaw the jailing of Jason Keating for his role in tracking the car and have identified the chief suspect who is currently with Daniel Kinahan in Dubai.

Kinahan gunman Trevor Byrne got a nine-year sentence before Christmas when a court heard he was arrested in a house with a weapon.

It was a miracle that Gately survived the murder attempt by Caolan Smyth as he was shot five times at close range by the 28-year-old, desperate for his big pay day.

Following the shooting he teamed up with INLA thug Gerard Mackin as he was frightened he was going to be killed himself and installed a €5,000 reinforced door at his city centre property.

His world spiralled out of control as the Kinahan mob put the squeeze on him and others in the Gucci Gang for the debt they were owed.

Little was trying to collect the money from the gang on behalf of the cartel when he was killed, and his father Stephen was subsequently jailed for a firearms offence after he was nabbed in a car with a gun, telling gardai: “Had you given me another hour, I would have killed that bastard that killed him.”

Smyth took a lie detector test in order to prove he had nothing to do with the shooting of Little as he ran scared that he’d be killed in revenge for the roadside shooting.

Iranian Hamid Sanambar was also murdered when he came under suspicion for the gangland double cross.

Monday night BBC 1 Panorama: 1 hr programme concerning Kinahan Cartel should be interesting says Fred

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