Shine is due for Release in a matter of Weeks; he still Faces another 112 new civil Cases. At this stage Shine, it is Alleged, Molested at least 130 young boys, the True Figure of Payout Settlements by the State is around 12 million euros, and more to come. Shine has never shown any Remorse for his Crimes.

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Patients to continue lawsuits against child molester Shine despite settlement with HSE

Convicted: Michael Shine was found guilty of sexually
              abusing boys between the ages of 11
              and 16 while he was a surgeon. Photo: Collins Courts

Convicted: Michael Shine was found guilty of sexually abusing boys between the ages of 11 and 16 while he was a surgeon. Photo: Collins Courts  

December 18 2019 06:58 PM Up Dated by Fred Bassett

Legal actions taken by over 100 people against the HSE over the activities of convicted child molester Michael Shine have been settled.

However, the plaintiffs are to press ahead with lawsuits against the struck off doctor and the Medical Missionaries of Mary, who ran the Our Lady of Lourdes Hospital in Drogheda, Co Louth.

Shine is alleged to have abused dozens of children while working at the hospital. The claims involve allegations dating between 1964 and 1995.

Efforts to mediate a settlement of 112 legal actions failed last year.

The HSE had been listed as a third defendant in the cases. But the High Court has been informed the actions, insofar as they related to the HSE, have been settled.

The Irish Independent understands the settlement did not involve any admission of liability by the HSE or payment to the plaintiffs.

The complainants are being represented by Dublin law firm Galligan Johnston.

Liability has not been accepted by Shine (87) or the Medical Missionaries of Mary.

The complainants were aged between six and young adulthood when they allege they were molested by Shine.

While compensation claims may end up being covered by insurance, an indemnity fund containing more than €5m could also come into play in the case.

It was set up by agreement with the religious order when the hospital was purchased by the former North Eastern Health Board in 1997. At the time, State authorities were aware of around 60 complaints against Shine and wanted to be indemnified by the order against potential claims.

Previously, another raft of claims, also involving over 100 complainants, was settled out of court by the order’s insurers, Allianz, in 2012. It is believed the settlement exceeded €8m.

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