Like Neary, Shine was like a God at Drogheda Hospital, now 3 years in a Prison Cell in the Midlands Prison, Co Laois, big Fall from Grace?

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National Gallery of Ireland still credits paedophile surgeon Michael Shine for €150,000 artwork

Disgraced Michael Shine donated An Ejected Family by Scottish artists Erskine Nicol in 1992

Shine donated the €150,000 artwork in 1992


The National Gallery of Ireland is in possession of a painting donated by sex predator Michael Shine and still credits him for the gift.

The Famine painting, which is priced at €150,000, was given to the Gallery by Shine who received a four-year jail sentence last month for sexually assaulting seven boys over over three decades.

The disgraced 86-year-old donated An Ejected Family by Scottish artists Erskine Nicol in 1992.

Michael Shine (86) of Ballsbridge, Dublin has pleaded not guilty to the thirteen charges allegedly committed during medical examinations at Our Lady of Lourdes Hospital in Drogheda, Co Louth and at two private clinics in Drogheda (Image: Collins Courts)
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The artwork was displayed in the Dublin museum until 2011, after which it was put in temporary storage, the Irish Daily Mail reports.

But the 1853 artwork still remains in the gallery’s collection with the possibility of it being displayed again.

A source said: “It’s currently in storage. That’s because we have more paintings than wall space, and they go in a cycle.

“It’s a popular one and I’m sure it will be up again in not too long a time.”

The painting was removed two years after Shine was struck off the medical register.

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