Fiona is one Brave Woman, and let us not Forget the Children today, who are in Foster Homes, and being Abused? Who Protects them? One more point, how many Paedophiles work in Tulsa?

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Rape survivor threatens HSE with court action over ‘stonewalling’ on abuse case

 4 hrs ago

Rape survivor threatens HSE with court action over ‘stonewalling’ on abuse case

Rape survivor and campaigner Fiona Doyle has accused the HSE of “stonewalling” her attempts to sue the health authorities for what she alleges was their failure to protect her from her paedophile father.

Ms Doyle alleges that the health authorities were informed by her mother when she was a teen of her sexual abuse at the hands of her father Patrick O’Brien, but failed to intervene.

She said she has obtained documentation from 1982, during which two doctors correspond about her mother reporting to them that her father was abusing her. The HSE was contacted for comment last week.

Ms Doyle was abused by her father for over 10 years in her childhood home at Mackintosh Park, Pottery Road in Dun Laoghaire. He walked free from prison in October 2019, having served six years behind bars.

“I got access to all HSE documentation relating to me after my father’s conviction. The files and evidence I’ve found are overwhelming. I began this civil case in 2013. It’s been going on for eight years and the HSE won’t even respond. So it will probably end up in court. These cases should not be ignored by the HSE. They need to be handled much speedier. Do they not understand the pain it causes? This will never be over for me until this civil case is resolved,” she told the Sunday Independent.

Ms Doyle said her “heart went out” to Lynsey Bennett, who settled her cervical cancer case against the HSE last week over the alleged misinterpretation of her cervical smear slides.

“Watching that wonderful woman on the news, speaking outside court, my heart went out to her. She is so brave and she had to fight them all the way. How they have handled all the cervical smear women is an example of how they treat victims. They are well known for stonewalling, they have been doing it to me for eight years.”

Ms Doyle would “ideally” like an acknowledgement and settlement from the HSE about its failure to protect her from her father, rather than going to court. “I don’t hold out much hope for that, particularly with what we saw this week in terms of how they treat women with cervical cancer.”

Meanwhile, her 81-year-old paedophile father has now received the Covid vaccination at his Wicklow nursing home. The campaigner said it was “bittersweet” that he has received the jab while others must still wait.

“I wouldn’t begrudge anyone getting vaccinated. In fact, I’d give up my own for someone who needs it more.”

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