So young to Die, so Violently, Knife Culture is way out of Control in Ireland at present?

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Priest tells of ‘outpouring of grief’ as mourners gather at funeral of boy (16)

  16 hrs ago

Priest tells of ‘outpouring of grief’ as mourners gather at funeral of boy (16)

Friends and family said goodbye to a 16-year-old Dublin boy at his funeral today, after he tragically died last week after suffering stab wounds.

The funeral took place in a church in Ballymun early this morning, followed by the burial later at Dardistown Cemetery.

Due to current Covid-19 restrictions, only 10 people can attend funerals, although as the parish priest noted, the boy was much beloved by the local community – with many standing outside the church to pay their respects.

The outpouring of grief within our own community here in Ballymun and indeed, throughout the country, is very touching,” the priest said.

Speaking to the late boy’s character, he added that: “[He] loved life. And he had a bright future ahead of him. He had a huge circle of friends.”

“And he could charm the birds off the trees with a smile. He could also charm the non-feathered birds as well.”

[He] had a big heart. He was kind, he was gentle, he was a caring person.

“As we all know, he was a really talented footballer.”

The boy’s local football manager also complimented his skill, and how much of a promising young footballer he was.

“The potential he had was fantastic, and it was cut short, but his memory will never be cut short,” he said.

“His favourite haircut was the fade, and he named it as the Rangers’ fade. Birds had to beware – he was on the prowl.

“The family would like to sincerely thank Dublin Fire Brigade, the gardaí, the ambulance services, Murphy’s funeral services, and the Ballymun community.

“We’ve received condolences from Gerry McAnaney, president of the FAI, all the board of SKB, Paddy Dempsey of the DDSL, the NTSL, the SFAI Ballymun Kickhams, and too many more to mention today, but we will come back to them all. None of them will be forgotten.”

The boy’s former manager went on to say that he would always come to the support of his mother whenever a fight would break out.

“Squabbles and little rows would break out,” he said. “[His mother] would have to have a go at some of the brothers and the sisters. And they would have to have their say back – give back the usual bit of cheek that the teenagers do.

“And [the boy] would come on to the scene, and he would step in for [his mother] and have words for whoever was giving cheek.

“He always had [his mother’s] back.

“As the lads would say: ‘aw yeah, golden balls can get away with it, but we can’t’.”

The priest had explained that “golden balls” was a sort of nickname given to the boy, meaning he was the “golden boy” of the family.

On a final note, the priest said the boy will: “always be the shining light out on Ballymun”.

“One way of keeping [his] memory alive, is to live out the good qualities [he] had,” the priest said. “Be kind to each other. Look out for each other. Get involved in good activities

“Follow the right road, and as [the boy] did, live life to the full.”

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