Parents thought their Children were Safe in the Scouts – Sadly Not? Many Paedophiles were high up in the Scouts back then, and Abused many Innocent Children, then passed them on to other Evil Bastards?

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Angry reaction Victim of paedophile former scoutmaster furious as predator tries to have sentence cut

“If anything, he should be given more time. The sentencing is horrifically lenient in this country, especially for sexual crimes that go back years.”

David O’Brien tried to have his sentence

David O’Brien tried to have his sentence reduced.

Exclusive by Alan Sherry

February 07 2021 02:30 AM

A victim of a serial paedophile has described the sick predator as “beyond reprehensible” as he sought to have his prison sentence reduced this week.

Former scoutmaster David O’Brien (69), of Benburb St, Dublin is serving a total of 14 years with two suspended after being sentenced twice at the Circuit Criminal Court, first in 2015 for sexually abusing six boys and then in 2018 for indecent assault on another four.

He told gardaí he abused dozens of victims in the 1970s and 1980s and can’t remember most of their names.

This week his defence barrister Padraig Dwyer, SC, was unsuccessful in having O’Brien’s latest sentence reduced and also revealed he is currently before the Circuit Court in relation to another offence.

Abuse survivor Paul O’Toole

Abuse survivor Paul O’Toole

He also said his client wanted gardaí to find the rest of his victims so he can “put an end to all of this”.

As O’Brien cannot remember most of his victims’ names he cannot take advantage of provision in the Criminal Justice Act that allows a person to admit guilt to offences not before the court to have them taken into account in sentencing.

O’Brien is hoping to bunch all the cases together in the hope he will receive a concurrent sentence rather than have to go on trial again every time a new victim comes forward, and spend longer in prison.

Paul O’Toole, from Artane in Dublin, who was abused by O’Brien numerous times in the 1970s while in the scouts, said O’Brien’s attitude is sickening.

“The cops said to me there were 60 people abused by him and he could only remember about 20 of their names. It just goes to show you how little he thought of anyone in the first place. Some kid who comes in 11 years of age with blue eyes and he puts a neckerchief on them and he can’t wait to get him out into the woods and have a go at him and he doesn’t even bother remembering his name.”

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Paul said parents signed their kids up to the scouts and entrusted their children to O’Brien, not realising he was sexually aroused by them.

“The little kid is your pride and joy. You would give your organs away for this kid, you would die for this kid and you just trust this 22- or 23-year-old man with this kid and all he sees is a sexual object.”

He said O’Brien would be grooming children from as soon as they joined the scouts.

“He was grooming them on the Wednesday or maybe a couple of Wednesdays or whatever at the meeting, and then it comes to a camping weekend he’s straight down the pants or off with the pants and he has his sexual gratification and he doesn’t even bother to know that kid’s name. It’s beyond reprehensible.”

He said it was outrageous O’Brien would seek to have his sentence reduced.

“If anything, he should be given more time. The sentencing is horrifically lenient in this country, especially for sexual crimes that go back years.”

He said O’Brien cares more about himself than all the victims whose lives he changed forever after abusing them.

As human beings go he’s one of the more useless ones. He’s more than useless because of the damage he’s done. Up to the time he got sentenced on my stuff, I had 40 years of struggle and it affected every single thing I did in my life.

They are people who have probably moved on and don’t want to know anything about it and he wants the Guards to get them to relive their experiences and get re-triggered and re-traumatised. He wants all of that done to satisfy him, his needs and his needs only.”

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