Fred Bassett asks a question: Senior Gardai have stated that Gerry The Monk Hutch was the Mastermind behind the Regency Hotel Attack. Men dressed as Gardai Armed Response but with one flaw…they were carrying AK47’s. It is amazing that Drew Harris, former RUC with MI6 connections and as we speak recruiting pen pushers from Canada to senior positions in An Garda Siochana, has not attempted to solve this gangster led coup. Back to the Monk. He regularly visits the North of Eire so why is he not arrested by the PSNI? The PSNI are old Comrades of Drew, our Garda Commissioner.

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The Nation watched the Panorama programme on BBC featuring the Kinahan Cartel/Gang. Daniel is now a major player worldwide in the Boxing Arena and now believes he is Untouchable. Khan the Boxer in the UK and Tyson Fury, the Gypsy Boxer and World Champion state that Daniel Kinahan is a complete gentleman. In other news, Kinahan states that the Irish media and Government are telling lies and are trying to destroy his Good Name! This is a complete Farce. Where do we go from here? Barry McGuigan, Irish hero, who lost his beautiful daughter some months ago, to cancer, and who appeared on the Late Late show spoke with love and compassion and now he speaks out about the Cancer that is in World Boxing and that cancer is Gangland. Barry McGuigan needs support from the American Boxing World but especially from the decent boxing world of the entire Island of Ireland and beyond.

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